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Recruiting Assistance. Community. Academic guidance. Quality Coaching. High level of play. Register Here!


Spread the Game!

By 2009, FLG was determined to find a way to give back using the sport of lacrosse. Soon enough FLG enacted their Lax4all program. Lax4all had one simple goal in mind: spread the game of lacrosse... Learn more...

Upcoming Events

FLG High School Boys Tryouts – Tue. Nov. 24th

Tryouts are LIVE! Quality coaching. Academic advising. Recruiting assistance. Community. #FLGLAX

FLG Boys Box Lacrosse Training – Starts Dec. 5th

Over an 8-week period, boys from 3rd to 12th grade will have an opportunity to work on small-area play, off-ball play, defense and precision scoring!

FLG Girls Box Lacrosse Training – Starts Jan. 16th, 2016

Over a four-week period, girls from 3rd thru 12th grade will have an opportunity to work on drills that focus on small-area play, finishing, off-ball play and much more.


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