Spring Training

To prepare for the season ahead, FLG offers a one of a kind Spring Training program for its 3rd thru 8th grade boys and girls! Learn more...

Summer Lacrosse Camp

This four day camp offers fun and creative ways to learn the best game on two feet! Campers compete in leadership exercises, color war events, lacrosse drills and much more!Learn more...

Building More than Just Athletes

Lacrosse is a multi-faceted experience for athletes and their families. FLG invites you to explore all of our resources and see how we use lacrosse as a foundation to build more than just athletes. Enjoy! Learn more...

Spread the Game!

By 2009, FLG was determined to find a way to give back using the sport of lacrosse. Soon enough FLG enacted their Lax4all program. Lax4all had one simple goal in mind: spread the game of lacrosse... Learn more...

Upcoming Events

Free Lacrosse Clinic – 5/3   

FLG will host free boys & girls clinic before the ECC Lax Championships. 

FLG Spring Shootout – 6/14 & 6/15

A highly competitive and fun weekend for 3rd through 8th grade teams.

FLG Summer Camp – 6/30 to 7/3

Four day summer program where campers experience a fun, creative opportunity to play the best game on two feet.

FLG in 3d Summer Shootout – 7/18 to 7/20 

Two of the country’s premier lacrosse clubs 3d & FLG have joined forces for the ultimate lacrosse recruiting team tournament.

FLG Box Promo

  • Who’s In The News? Featuring FLG’s Stephen Coyne - Located in a small town about 20 miles from Columbus, Ohio, lies one of the most likable schools in Division III College Lacrosse, Ohio Wesleyan University aka OWU. What makes this school so appealing to a college lacrosse fan? Well, for one, they have a rich history, great alumni, a cool mascot, beautiful stadium, quality […]
  • What’s a Studlete? - What’s a Studlete? I went to a school that demanded mastery in 2 very “different” areas of life. On the one hand we have school and on the other we have sport.  School required full attendance, extra-work when no body was watching, networking with peers, discipline, time management, communication, development and mastery. On the other […]
  • FLG’s Girls Lacrosse Program is Ahead of the Competition - For young athletes, building a strong foundation of the fundamental skills in lacrosse is imperative to grow into a college-caliber athlete. Where does this foundation begin? With quality coaches who understand the intricacies of lacrosse and also possess a passion and knowledge for teaching. The FLG Girls Lacrosse program has just that; its stellar coaching […]
  • FLG Opens Registration for Instructional & Fun Summer Camp Program - Camaraderie, friendships, and an atmosphere conducive to success at every level, the FLG Summer Camp program offers children in grades K through 8the opportunity to build character and have fun through the game of lacrosse. Held over a four-day span, the program not only features instruction in lacrosse fundamentals, but it offers camp-like activities and […]



In addition to being a highly competitive travel lacrosse team, the FLG program acts as a unparalleled recruitment tool. Coach Winkoff and his staff work tirelessly to ensure that each player is given maximum exposure to college coaches and is in constant contact with high profile schools. I am proud to be a member of the FLG family.

Alirio DeMeireles (Yale University)

“FLG truly is the best in the business. Recruiting help, exposure, and quality coaching are a given with this organization. The best thing about playing for FLG was being able to compete with and against the best players in the country. I would not want to have played for anyone else.” 

Harry DellaFera (Villanova University)

Mr. Winkoff along with my two coaches (Vin and John) expedited the recruiting process for me by talking to a lot of coaches that I could not contact by myself. All of the college coaches I spoke with have an immense amount of respect for Mr. Winkoff along with the whole FLG program. Thanks FLG for making this possible!

Chris Moriarty (UPenn)

After all, this whole wonderful process in our opinion was 100 percent due to the fact that he played with FLG – the best in the states and was coached by the best as well. 

Charlie Crowley (St. John's University)

We are extremely grateful for all the opportunities Sean had playing for FLG. Vinny was instrumental in guiding Sean through the recruiting process and FLG’s advice was invaluable as well. Thanks again! 

Sean Connors (Princeton University)

The FLG coaching staff was huge in helping me get recruited. They went out of their way to get me in touch with coaches and I could not have done it without them.

Malachy Mahon (Providence)

I’ve played for FLG since the eighth grade. It has been an awesome four years with the program and I have me some of my closest friends through FLG. Mr. Winkoff and the entire FLG organization helped me so much with the recruiting process and choosing a school that best fit me.

Brian Ward (Ohio State University)

The FLG program was very instrumental during the recruiting process. Mr. Winkoff and the other coaches were more than willing to speak to college coaches on my behalf. Without the assistance of FLG, my recruiting experience would have been very hectic and confusing. So thanks again FLG!

Quinn Moroney (Amherst)

“FLG is a phenomenal organization that I was lucky to be apart of. The coaching and communication through out the organization are unparalleled. The greatest thing I was able to take from my experience aside from the exposure and competition were the great friendships I was able to make and maintain with my fellow teammates.”

Quentin DellaFera (Wesleyan University)

The FLG program was one of the key reasons why I was able to get recruited by college coaches. Playing on a top-tier team like the one FLG provides, it makes getting noticed by college coaches so much easier. Playing with FLG gave me the opportunity to get noticed, and a chance to make friends with a great group of guys they select.

Brian Fischer (Harvard University)