FLG 2029 Girls Select Team

Hildi Stanford – 2029 Team

  • Present – FLG 2029 Girls Team Coach
  • Present – Huntington’s Finley Middle School Head Coach
  • Present – Harborfields Girls PAL Director

Rob Hagedorn – 2029 Team

  • Present – FLG 2029 Girls Team Coach
  • Present – Northport PAL 2029 Girls Head Coach
  • Present – Forward Thinking Brand Builder, Storyteller, Creative Problem Solver, Coach and Purpose led Executive. Believes in creating and leaving a lasting legacy of positive moments for communities in the outdoors.
  • Past – Senior VP at LeadDog Marketing, Managing Director at CSM Sports & Entertainment



Training 2x a week

Jesters Columbus Day Invitational

Queen of the Island


Box League


Team Practice 2X / Week

Minimum of 4 Summer Tournaments

Girls Try Outs (All players must register each year)

Coaching from all perspectives.

• Teams include one professional and one junior lacrosse coach at practices, training sessions, and during game play. Never will you show up at a practice with someone who doesn’t know the FLG Training Methodology or someone you don’t know. Additionally, players will train with FLG’s full-time Directors throughout the year. Our goal: Get the best training and get better every time you step on the field.

Expand your game.

• Every FLG Select player will receive seasonal updates on their game in different areas. Use those evaluations to develop into the best you can be season to season, year to year.

Join the Community.

• Alumni from the FLG select teams have been invited to play at and attend some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the country. Our Alumni give back to the FLG Program by attending our Recruiting nights, working FLG related events, and mentor studletes in the current FLG Program.

Earn your time.

• FLG’s goal is for every player to receive equal playing time during competitions. However, the most dedicated players will earn the right to earn more time on the field during competition. Play as much or more than you team members by giving a little bit more.


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