FLG Fusion Youth League

Description – Boys & Girls League

The Fusion Youth League ‘FYL’ is a developmental youth town lacrosse league for Kindergarten thru 2nd grade boys and girls. This league incorporates weekly training in the fundamentals, skills, and IQ for lacrosse, as well as, competitive small area games between different town programs.


The FYL is an eight session program, with each session being 1 hour long.

  • Training
    • The first 30 Minutes of each session will include fundamental, skill, and IQ development
  • Small Area Game Play
    • The last 30 Minutes of each session will include Small Area Game play against another town. Games will be 3v3 or 4v4 depending on the game. 
    • Players will play in 1 minute shifts. Coaches are responsible for subbing their players on/off the field every 1 minute. FLG will sound a horn every minute to ensure balanced playing time amongst players.
    • Coaches should create lines based on ability so players are competing against like talent
    • Games will consist of two, 12 minute halves.

Each session will include a minimum of four towns, with FLG trainers on staff to teach fundamentals, skills, IQ, as well as referee small area game play.  


  • Each town team should bring a minimum of 10 players each session.
  • There are NO goalies involved in this league. Players will shoot on 3 foot by 3 foot goals with a hector the rejector as a goalie instead.
  • The fields will be 20 yards wide by 25 yards long.

Fusion Games Include

  • Evil Eye
  • Side By
  • Decision Maker
  • Support Drill
  • 3v3 Balance
  • 3v3 Island
  • Escape Drill

Drills Book

Each coach will get a drills book to use at their youth practices throughout the season. In the drills book will drills to improves skills, fundamentals, and IQ, as well as small area games which are to be played throughout the season.

Playing Surface

The FYL will be played on grass fields. Be sure players wear cleats and full equipment.

Equipment Needed

  • Boys – Helmet, gloves, stick, shoulder pads, elbow pads, cleats, and mouth guard
  • Girls – Goggles, mouth guard, stick, cleats

FLG Program Director, Corey Winkoff, presents at the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention on FLG’s Fusion Training.

Avg. # of touches per minute:

$100 per Player

8 one-hour sessions

K thru 2nd Grades

*Boys & Girls

South Huntington
*Location Coming Soon!

Sunday’s 1pm to 2pm

*8 one-hour sessions

9/9  9/16  9/23  9/30  10/7  10/14  10/21  10/28 (Sunday’s)


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