Studlete Award

The FLG Lacrosse Studlete Award annually recognizes one outstanding boy and girl student athlete who demonstrates leadership, excels academically and participates in their community.

Note: The Studlete Award nominees do NOT have to be FLG Lacrosse Select Team members.

Each recipient will receive a $500 award from FLG Lacrosse, be featured in FLG’s Newsletter, on FLG’s website and in the recipient’s local paper.

In order to be considered for this prestigious award the applicants must:
• Demonstrate leadership and service to others
• Be a Junior or Senior in High School
• Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA at the time of application
• Have been a member for at least one High School Varsity Sport
• Have participation in Extra Curricular activities: (ie) Involved in music, theater, writing, work outside of school, charities, other projects and running clinics
• Demonstrate the ability to get along with others, modesty and sportsmanship
• Have community service involvement

Studlete nominations are completed on-line through the FLG website starting December 1st and concluding on January 1st, 2017. Any adult can nominate qualifying candidates. Once nominated, candidates will also be asked to complete an on-line detailed application.

Winners of the FLG Studlete award will notified by January 13th, 2017 via email

Email your nomination form to –

Studlete Award Nomination Form

Our 2015 Studlete Award Winners:






Emily Sandford

Although I have a deep passion for athletics and lacrosse, I have always placed a greater importance on my education. -Emily Sandford







Will Renz 

I best represent a Studlete because of my commitment, determination, and leadership ability. -Will Renz

Our 2014 Studlete Award Winners:


Brianna Maniscalco

Being a student athlete has enabled me to understand my time management, commitment and dedication to my team.. While athletics are a very important part of my life, it is equally important to give back to my community. – Brianna Maniscalco



Jack Tigh

It was not the wins that I most remember.  It was the friends and teammates I made. – Jack Tigh



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