Training with FLG Directors

Program Description

Come train with FLG Program Director Corey Winkoff and his staff. This will be a 1 hour training session dedicated to developing your fundamentals. Each week training sessions will include: Stick work, shooting, small area game play, IQ development, and more! This program will be held at an indoor climate controlled turf facility, so we will be hosting training sessions each week rain or shine, dark or light. Boys should bring their helmets, gloves and sticks. Girls should bring their goggles and sticks. Everyone should wear sneakers to each session.

Tryout for FLG!

These training sessions are also an opportunity to earn a spot on an FLG Select Team. If you are interested in trying out, please contact Program Director Corey Winkoff,


3rd thru 8th Grades


WEST Indoor Sports Facility

154 Railroad St.

Huntington, NY 11743


6 Sessions

Boys & Girls – $100


Time: 5:30PM to 6:30PM


Dates: 9/19  9/26

10/3  10/10  10/17  10/24


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