The Super Sophomore Boys: Mid-Season List

LILJ presents, “The Super Sophomore’s,” or the Top 2021, sophomore Varsity lacrosse players on Long Island. These guys are excelling at the Varsity Level on some of the best teams on the Island. If you think we missed someone, please email us [email protected]

1 Tyler Gatz, Midfield, Mt. Sinai- Gatz ability to create for himself is what makes him a great player. His 13 points on the year have mostly been earned off the dodge.

2 Aidan Mulholland, Midfield, Manhasset- Mulholland is a force, and has been for Manhasset for a number of years. Extremely tough to cover, Mulholland is a force in the dodging game and a stretch shooter offball.

3 JoJo Todaro, Defense, Carey- Big, strong and throws wood. Todaro’s ability to run with attackers and time checks makes him a stud defender.

4 Brandon Ventarola, Attack, Mt. Sinai- 17 points on the year, Ventarola is putting up good numbers for the Mustangs. A quick split, his ability to creating separation and get a shot off is some of the best aspects of his game.

5 Andrew Mcadorey, Midfield, St. Anthony’s- a down hill dodger, Mcadorey make defender’s hips turn and he goes the other way. A straight overhand shooter makes him lethal off the dodge.

Jimmy O’Connell, Attack, Carey- 17 points on the season, O’Connell is showing he can put up big numbers in some big games, multiple point showings against Massapequa and Farmingdale.

Aiden Mccaffrey, Defense, Comsewogue

PJ McGoldrick, Defense, West Islip

Jake Wilson, Defense, SWR- Wilson is dynamic, his ability to play fundamental defense and handle in the transition game makes him a lethal threat on both ends of the field.

Tyler Schwarz, LSM, SWR- sticks always in the radar position, he can play fundamental defense and is not afraid to run in the transition game.

Ryan Behrens, Midfield, West Islip- Lethal on the elbows, Behrens has solid change of direction and can sting it high to high

Joseph Costantino, Midfield, West Islip

Johnny Schwarz, Midfield, SWR- An outside shooter, Schwarz has the ability to get his hands free and let it fly

Dominic Ciaccio, Midfield, Farmingdale- works well off ball, his ability to find a gap, secondary dodge and put it home is what he does best.

Michael Faraone, Attack, Carey- Climbs the hash and puts the ball in the net.

Corey Watson, Midfield, Comsewogue

Forest Demetri, Attack, North Shore- Slick attackman, plays off his defenders and finds space on the inside.

Lorenzo Ramos, Defense, Farmingdale- Solid approaches, strong and fast, Ramos is lock down.

Jayson Singer, Defense, Syosset- Great footwork, beats attackers to spots.

Jake Deacy, Attack, Comsewogue

Thomas Decker, Midfield, Farmingdale- Big, strong, fast, athletic, Decker’s size gives him the advantage.



  1. Dom says:

    What about Dom Genzale he throughs filthy checks and always hustles

  2. Dashawn says:

    Norberto Dehoyas LSM Brentwood.

  3. Daniel Cook says:

    Aidan mullholand is the number 1 sophomore in the country

    1. Devin Votta says:

      Leaving Mullhonaland off was a mistake, the correction has been made.

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