PRO TIPS: Choosing The Right Lacrosse Club Team

With so many club lacrosse teams to choose from on Long Island, it may seem difficult to choose the right one for both you and your child. Begin by asking yourself what goals you would like to achieve through your involvement with the club: coaching, tournament play, college recruitment, or simply the camaraderie and character building that come from being on a sports team?

Knowledge is PowerGriffin Cole

Once armed with these goals, let your fingers do the walking. Explore different club team websites and have a list of important questions on hand. Use our list below as a starting point:

i.       When are the tryouts?

ii.      How many teams does the club take, in each age group?

iii.     How often do they practice?

iv.     When/where are the practices?

v.      When/where are the tournaments?

vi.     What are the program’s philosophies?

vii.    Who are the coaches for each age group? What is their history?

viii.   Does the club offer additional training events?

If the information you want isn’t readily available, pick up the phone and get answers. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have an open line of communication with your future club team, as this will benefit you both now and in the future.

“One of the biggest things that attracted me to FLG was how available and willing they are to answer my questions,” said John Kiernan, Parent. “I never have to worry that my child isn’t getting the guidance he needs because they always keep me well-advised.”

Commitment Expectations

Lacrosse has become highly competitive at the select team level and may demand a big time commitment; some programs play up to five days a week. Clubs typically attend between one and four fall/winter/spring tournaments and up to five summer tournaments that may require overnight stays. Make sure you know exactly what is expected of your child and your schedule.

Think of the Big Picture

Remember, when picking a club lacrosse team you shouldn’t just be looking to join a lacrosse team, you should be looking to join a lacrosse organization. An organization takes a big picture view on kids’ goals in lacrosse AND in life.

“An organization is organized, communicates effectively, is transparent, and is willing to discuss your son’s or daughter’s goals,” said Bob Jahelka, CFO, FLG Lacrosse. “At FLG, the biggest compliment we can get is that we’re organized; we believe that goes a long way in helping these kids excel and get recruited by top colleges and universities.”

If club lacrosse is something you want for your child, make sure the program you choose takes pride in helping student-athletes achieve their dreams. It shouldn’t be solely about winning a lacrosse tournament! It should be about winning in life, and developing both as an athlete and a person.


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