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Lacrosse & Entrepreneurs

When I was presented with the challenge of comparing lacrosse and entrepreneurship, I quickly learned this wasn’t a challenge at all. When you extract the characteristics of what it takes to become great at lacrosse, you will quickly learn those same qualities are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

On the latest episode of Anatomy of an Entrepreneur, I sat down with Producer Cliff Sobel to dive into the similarities between lacrosse and entrepreneurship. Some of those similarities include:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Grit
  • Perseverance
  • Accountability
  • much more!

Lacrosse is a sport that is on the rise. It’s a sport that is catching on. It’s cool. It’s relevant. It’s a sport people are interested in and want to explore for themselves. Entrepreneurship is the same. Watch Cliff and I discuss more about Lacrosse & Entrepreneurs below!

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Beyond The Game, Mini-Series

Hey All!

Check out our first mini-series for our live streamed show starting after the new year, Beyond The Game. (Apologies for the audio being static in the first five minutes, I promise it gets better!)

One of the beautiful things of live streaming, you have to figure it out on the fly. A lot like the sport of lacrosse itself.

Players on the field don’t have the luxury of stopping the play, turning their heads to the sideline and asking their coaches what play to run. The game is live, free flowing, and goes up and down. Be prepared! A form of preparation that takes lots of proper practice. How many times were you put in a situation where you had to read, react, and make a decision? Something we try to do a lot of in our FLG program. Play FLG, get a lot of mindful practice. We think about this stuff, a lot. It’s all about preparing our players for the next level. Being ready to play, live.

Anyways, enjoy the show! Many more great clips of information, guests, and lacrosse talk to come.


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Is Long Island Lacrosse the Best?!

A question that gets many lacrosse fans from Strong Island to give an emphatic “YES!” However, for those who live off this great island, their response can be summed up with a “Here we go again.” If

Let us start by dissecting what is means when us lacrosse nuts say, ‘the best.’

The association between ‘the best’ and ‘largest hotbed’ is evident when lacrosse enthusiasts debate. A lacrosse hotbed includes deep roots in the game in one geographical area, tremendous growth at the youth level with players picking up sticks before they can walk, High School programs who are dedicated to going above and beyond in order to compete during the Spring lacrosse season, and programs unfolding players who go on to become impact players at some of America’s elite lacrosse programs. Using this definition of hot bed, Long Island is no doubt a lacrosse hot-bed.

Ward Melville can be described as a lacrosse rich town with great youth coaching, families who have deep roots in the game, and a High School program that is known for winning championships and producing some of colleges most impactful players! Photo-cred: FLG Lacrosse

Second, the best lacrosse includes sophisticated, persistent, and regimented player development from youth thru High School. Long Island is an example of a geographical area with an over-abundance of moms, dads, and coaches who know and teach the sport. These coaches passion for teaching the game has given athletes on Long Island a chance to learn the game young, play the right way, and go on to excel beyond High School. There are other pockets around America that have parents and grandparents who were raised on the game, now offering their passion and insight to the next generation of stars. Some of these pockets include Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Boston.

Lastly, the best lacrosse includes areas who have people that talk about the game. Philadelphia, for example, has a site ( dedicated to promoting the sport, the players, and teams in their area. The Genesee Valley area of New York has a site ( with in depth score updates, stats, write-ups, and player commits for every High School lacrosse program in the area. On Long Island, FLG’s digital magazine (Long Island Lacrosse Journal) previews every High School team on Long Island, includes key returners with highlight videos, coaches interviews, games of the week, and much more. Media surrounding the sport of lacrosse is growing, especially in some of America’s top hot beds. National networks, such as the Lax Sports Net (LSN) are doing a great job covering the sport Nationally at all levels, youth, high school, college, professional, and indoor.

While it’s up for debate who has ‘the best’ lacrosse, it’s evident that many pockets around the country have some really good lacrosse. For FLG, the rise and interest surrounding the sport has created this urge to talk more and more about it. Besides FLG’s digital magazine, blog posts, weekly email updates on lacrosse on Long Island, we are rolling out a LIVE STREAMED show via YouTube & Facebook called Beyond The Game. This new platform will not only give us an opportunity to talk about the sport, but we can now connect and share linchpins, mavons, coaches, experts, professionals, and enthusiasts surround the game itself.

Be sure to follow FLG Lacrosse on Instagram to stay in the loop on everything we are doing to promote the game in ‘the best’ area of the country ; )

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Beyond The Game

My favorite stories in sport usually aren’t about the game itself. Greatness isn’t defined in the moments between the lines, on the court, or in the outfield. Greatness should be recognized when sports figures are confronted with an issue of great importance and decide to use their wealth, fame, and network to help that very issue. They help by supporting a cause that is dedicated to improving the world by acting locally and thinking globally. They help by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

The organization Operation Underground Railroad, or O.U.R., have made it their mission to rescue children who have been enslaved around the world. The O.U.R. promise:

To the children

who we pray for daily, we say: 

Your long night is coming to an end.

Hold on. We are on our way.

And to those captors and perpetrators,

even you monsters who dare offend God’s

precious children, we declare to you:

Be afraid. We are coming for you.

When Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, learned about O.U.R. he jumped at the opportunity to do something very important: help! He is viewing the issue of slavery worldwide as something he must fix. Tomlin craves an opportunity to get better, to see new things, to rescue, to help. Through football, Tomlin has found a platform to help his community, his country, and this world come together. Tomlin is going ‘beyond the game’ to find deeper meaning for what it means to be a professional and a leader.

There are many figures in sports ‘like Mike’ who use their sport as a platform to contribute, to give, to help. These are more than figures, they are leaders. Learn more about what Mike Tomlin is doing beyond the game, right here.

FLG Lacrosse is excited to start our very own live streamed show about going beyond the game of lacrosse. Stay tuned for updates on some of the guests, organizations, and topics we will be covering each week. Follow The Streamcast Network to learn more about FLG Lacrosse!

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FLG ’18 Boys Premier Showcase – Top 10 Premier Players

The FLG Boys Premier Showcase was loaded with the tri-state areas most competitive uncommitted High School lacrosse players. The day included a college coach training session, 3 competitive games, and an all-star game for the top 40 2022/21 & top 40 2020/19 athletes. There were over 85 college coaches in attendance and 55 college coaches on staff. The coaches on staff ran a training session, coached the teams, and evaluated this events talent. Based on the college coaches feedback and the observations of FLG’s Event staff, we are excited to highlight 10 premier players from our June 2nd Showcase at LIU Post.

  1. Tommy Corcoran 2021, Lefty Attackman, West Islip. This Suffolk County, West Islip product is your typical coaches kid. Always in the right place, slick, great skills, and has tremendous game sense. Corcoran is son of West Islip Associate Head Coach, Tom Corcoran. Tommy has lots of intangibles, with a great lacrosse game to match. A very enjoyable player to watch. Tommy’s upside is tremendous and will enter the Varsity High School lacrosse scene in Spring of 2019, stay tuned!
  2. PJ McGoldrick – 2021, Lefty Defenseman, West Islip, Express. Another Suffolk County WI product, McGoldrick is a blue chipper. The only freshman to contribute for the Lions this past Spring, PJ has tremendous poise for just a freshman. PJ is a tall, rangy, athletic defenseman who can play close or poll. PJ is super athletic and is a recruit to follow this summer. You can find him playing for his HS team and for the LI Express on the summer circuit.
  3. Forrest Demetri – 2021, Right Attackman, North Shore, LI Outlaws. Demetri is a gamer. Playing varsity lacrosse since 8th grade, Forrest has logged some serious minutes for his Varsity lacrosse. Demetri is a righty wing attackman who has very good change of direction, creativity around GLE, and can dissect defenses when drawing slides. If Demetri can operate as effectively on the left side as he does on the right side, he can be a nightmare to cover from X or around the clock on the offensive end. Check out his highlights from his Freshmen year right here.
  4. Benny Morfit  – 2021, Right Midfield, Iona Prep, Igloo. Morfit is a righty slinger. Coming down the righty alley, Benny the Jet Morfit can sting shots from multiple release points. High to low, high to high, low to high, kid can do it all. Morfit’s IQ allows him to be lethal in transition. He makes great decisions with the ball as he crosses the mid-line. Morfit can also operation from the high right wing, uses the face-dodge and S-dodge to get underneath his defender for a shot on the run. Watch Benny this summer continue to slice and dice defenses.
  5. Max Albanese – 2019, Righty Midfield, West Islip, Team 91. Albanese is a slick, crafty righty midfielder. Max has a nose for the goal and can put the ball past the goalie from all over the field. Albanese is a great off-ball player, always finding himself in a good position to catch, shoot, score.
  6. Christian Quadrino – 2020, Lefty Attackman, Sachem North, FLG. After watching Quadrino play, hard not to love his game. Quadrino is a very versatile player on the offensive end. He can dodge poles, penetrate defenses, dissect, assist, and score. He can dodge from X, lefty wing, right wing, you name it, he can attack from that spot. Quadrino was the String King Offensive MVP of the 2019/20 All-star game after scoring 2 and 1 assist in a game winning effort.
  7. Matthew Knote – 2019, Righty Goalie, Eastport-South Manor, Fighting Ducks. Knote makes making saves look easy. His wide stance and high arc really throws off shooters. Very poise in net, Knote does a great job tracking the ball. He is a great stopper and will only get better as he gets bigger, stronger, and better adjusted to the college game. Knote was our String King Defensive MVP of the 2019/20 All-star game after holding it down in net and starting transition on multiple ocassions.
  8. Freddy Amato – 2020, Right Midfield, Huntington, Legacy. Amato is a total dude. This 6’+ sophomore can ball between the lines and especially on the offensive end. Amato can split you, step down on you, and make you pay from 12+ yards if you don’t get a pole on him or make contact defensively. Amato can sling the rock, especially after freezing defending with his left to right split dodge.
  9. Dylan Pape – 2019, Right FOGO, West Islip. If you are college program in need of a face-off guy, Dylan Pape is someone you should definitely consider. Pape has gotten better and better each year throughout High School. Going into his Senior season, Pape is looking to become one of the Premier FOGO’s on the island. Pape is quick, low to the ground, tough and gritty. He impressed at the Premier Showcase with his ability to win the battle at the X, but most importantly, play on between the lines. Pape is very skilled and is more than comfortable handling pressure when the ball is in his stick.
  10. Dom DelPonte – 2020, Right Attack, St. Joseph Regional, DelPonte was electric at the Premier Showcase. Dom has a great first step and can create separation against poles at will. I like how DelPonte plays each game with the same effort and enthusiasm. DelPonte stood out in the 2019/20 all-star game. We expect him to do the same throughout the summer circuit.
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FLG Spring Training RECAP #4

Hey All,

Last Sunday was the 1st ‘somewhat’ Spring Day. The sun was out, the weather started to warm, the air was calm, and the ball was flying around. It was a super productive day on all fronts. Personally, I thought it was the most productive FLG Training session since the teams had their first training session in September of 2017. From Small Group Training to practice, all our teams & participants training looked great.

Below is a RECAP of Sunday’s Spring Training. We focused on a ton of skills and implemented some great drills. If you have questions on anything we do, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ve gotten some great calls and answered some great questions as it relates to youth training.

Good luck to everyone in their PAL games this Sunday as well!

See everyone on the fields,



Ground Ball Stations: 2, five minute stations focusing on 2 different types of ground balls, Man-Ball & Boxing Out. 2v1 GB’s is a classic GB drill that works on man-ball. Advantage box out is a classic GB drill where players start back to back with a ball between them. Every man for himself.

3v0 Give and Gos – Player 3v0 with 1 point player and two low players. Have players execute two give and gos before they take a shot. This drill teaches players to give, cut, and replace. Off-ball movement is key here to maintain balance and get the offense to re-set.

6v6 Scramble: Organize six lines of offense all slightly outside the box (2 at X, 1 on each wing, 2 above the top the box). The first player at each line must have a ball in their stick.  Defensive players are in one line directly at X. Start drill with a 2 v 2 anywhere on the field. Once ball is shot, turned over the coach blows the whistle and points to the line that will join the drill. The defense adds a player from X but he cannot mark the offensive player entering the drill. Build up to 6v6.


Shooting Variations: Below are the differnet types of moves and shots we worked on this past Sunday at small group training. All are 100% applicable to attackmen.

  • Finalizers – using a double move directly at X to get a step on your man for a shot. Key is to make your moves so the defensemen are forced to hop over the back of the cage.
  • Low Wing Dodges – dodging from the low wing is a growing trend in college lacrosse. A great way to get your hands free for a shot, feed, or simply to get the defense to start sliding and rotating.
    • V-Dodge
    • V-Dodge into a Split Dodge
    • S-Dodge

Challenge 1v1s with Attackman: Pick a guy you want to go 1v1 against, approach the man, defend to a shot


Defend the Cone: focus on approach, positioning, hand placement, and defending guys from up top. Don’t use your stick, use your hands when defending above GLE!

Three-man Approach Drill

Challenge 1v1s with Attackman: Pick a guy you want to go 1v1 against, approach the man, defend to a shot


Marquette Shooting Drill: 2-man games from the wings, cutting the field in half, and working on getting your hands free for a shot.

  • 2 Variations to work on
    • Pass to razor pick → Dodge to alley shot
    • Pass to razor pick → Dodge to alley hit slip

2v1 Dodges from High Wings: Great way to rep the two-man game and put the shooting variations to practice with a defender in the drill

2v2 Razor Picks: The Razor pick is a great pick variation to give the dodger an opportunity to dodge down the alley or to the middle.



  • V Shuffle in Alley – Focus on Footwork, Form, stick position
  • Ladders into GB’s, then into Breakdown and Contact (6 min)

Vary the foot patterns, stress ABCD’s

  • 1 v. 1 in Alley

Attack & Midfield

  • Dodging and Shooting from the Wings
    • Face Dodge under, Face Dodge and Roll, Split to top side.
    • Demonstrate and then have them rep. it from alternating sides, do from right side then left side.  Focus on footwork, change of direction, stick position.
  • Shooting – if release is early (before mid-crease) aim for far pipe, if release is late (after mid-crease) shoot back.

Practice Drills 

3 Lady Passing – Right, Left, Catch left throw right, Catch right throw left, gb’s (center person changes every min.)

Crazy 8’s – one of our favorite Fusion games that includes a 2v2 ground ball into a 3v2. Whoever earns the GB gets the extra player. Play to a shot and stay inside the 8 meter. Players on the outside of the drill are responsible for keeping the ball in play.

4 Corners 1 v. 1’s – 1v1s from 4 popular dodge locations around the 8 meter.

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FLG Spring Training RECAP #3

FLG Families,

It was a treat getting a chance to move indoors this past Sunday. We are doing our best to not let the elements effect our development this Spring. Sunday was a great chance to not only work on skills and positional work, it was a chance to learn and get those “mental reps!”. Eliminating the shivering from the equation, we always get more focus and attention from our athletes. Personally, I thought Sunday was a super productive day for our boys and girls in small group training, as well as, practice for our 8th grade and down teams.

Below is what we worked on, enjoy!

Girls Small Group Training

Station 1

Dodging from High Wing

  • -First sequence→ attack coaches top foot to same side split dodge to to shot
  • -Second Sequence→ Push middle and roll down alley
  • -Third sequence → dodge underneath and shoot off roll back

Station 2

  • Ladders into approaches and retreats
  • Move through ladder or full sprint
  • Approach the ball, proper fundamentals, stick back, match-feet, communicate, read pass, retreat

Station 3

Coach Chris footwork

  • Variation of footwork drills to free your hands for a pass, re-dodge, shot!

Girls Practice

Ladders to Ground Balls

  • Vary foot pattern, explode into and thru gb
  • Ladders into ABCD (explode out of ladder into the Approach, decelerate and lower your body to Breakdown, establish low legal Contact on the hip of the ball carrier, position yourself so as to take something away and Direct her where you want her to go.

Dodge, Retreat

  • (in triple threat position), Re-Dodge to Shot (I saw Robyn do this in the fall)

Figure 8 One v. One’s

  • Defender and O player start back to back
  • On whistle both players run around cone in front of them
  • O player receives the ball or starts with it
  • Initiate a 1v1 to goal
  • Defense working on approaches
  • Offense works on reading approach and dodging to goal

Dodging the Alley

  • Focus on dodgin north south
  • Getting into your defender and creating separation
  • Girls dodged down an alley with a defender on them the whole way

4 Corner Shooting

  • Work on moving to the ball
  • Catching and squaring up to the cage
  • Using left and right hand on the crease
  • Looking at the goalie and shooting to a good spot
  • Players on the crease have to move and cut in and out to receive a pass for a shot

Fusion Game: 3v2 Side By Drill 

  • Set-up two cages facing out
  • Cut the field in half
  • 3v2 on both sides. Blue team offense on one side, White team offense on the other side
  • Defense clears the ball to opposite side of the field when they get it
  • When ball goes out of bounds or goal is scored, roll new ball into play
  • Drills works on moving without the ball, playing in tight spaced, and finishing with an extra player.
  • Ball movement is key in this drill
  • Defensively we are sliding recovering constantly

Fusion Game: 3v3 Give and Go Drill 

  • Play 3v3 half-court above the goal
  • Offense set should be in a triangle, with point player top center
  • Players must execute 1 give and go look before they can go to cage
  • One they get good at it, put rule into play that they must execute 2 give and go looks before they go to cage
  • Drills works on moving without the ball, playing in tight spaced, and finishing with an extra player.
  • Ball movement is key in this drill
  • Defensively we are sliding recovering constantly

Boys Practice

6 Line Passing

  • Full field stick work drills
  • Working on catching over shoulder
    • Breaking out
    • Using both hands
    • Communication
    • Goalie outlet passes
    • Coming to the ball

4 Line-drills

  • Working on cradling 2 hands
  • Cradling 1 handed
  • Split dodges
  • V Dodges
  • Roll Dodges
  • Studder steps
  • Fake shot face dodges

4v3 Fast Breaks

  • Working on reading the defense
  • Scoring on fast breaks
  • Moving to the all
  • Reading the slides
  • Decision making
  • Shooting to score
  • All the spots on the fast break

Teaching Midwest & Atlanta – 6v6 Set

  • 2 variations to our 2-1-3 motion offense
  • Midwest is a midfielder initiating from the high wing
  • Atlanta is an attackman initiating from the high wing

Small Group Training Drills

Defense Drills

  • Duckwalk Checking
  • Dodge→ Bounce→ Redodge
  • Push→ check, push → lift, push→ wrap

Attack Drills

Dodging from High Wing

  • -First sequence→ attack coaches top foot to same side split dodge to to shot
  • -Second Sequence→ Push middle and roll down alley
  • -Third sequence → dodge underneath and shoot off roll back

Midfield Drills

Dodging & Shooting

  • Marquette Shooting Drill
  • Emphasize looking back to slip and giving hitch fake to freeze defenders
  • Pass to razor pick → Dodge to middle shot
  • Pass to razor pick → Dodge to middle hit slip
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FLG Spring Training Week 2

FLG Families,

Hopefully everyone has thawed out from yesterday! Despite some pretty chilly weather, it was a very productive day for our FLG select teams. I’m really glad we got a chance to get outside to train, compete, and develop.

Below are some drills that we worked on yesterday. Within each drill description you’ll find purpose and objectives for executing those specific drills. We look forward to continuing our development this Spring!

Line-drill Warm-up – Every player gets a ball and moves through different variations. This drill gets players loose, warm, and comfortable with the rock in their stick. In this drill we worked on Ground Balls away, Flips, Two handed Cradles, One handed Cradles, Split Dodges, and Fake-shot Face-dodges.

1v1 Mirror – One player stars with a ball, the other player without. Players line up on opposite sides of the crease. The player without the ball tries to catch the player with the ball. Both players have to stay outside the crease. This drill works on changing direction, recognizing where you are when near the crease line, balance, cradling at full-speed around the crease with your right and left hands.

Two-Ball Break-out – 3 middies and 3 poles break out of their defensive end to our spots in the clear. 2 goalies outlet the ball to the closest players to them. Like a ladder, players work the ball up the field breaking out towards the side-line. The drill ends with our attackmen V-cutting for the ball, getting it through X, and executing a back door cut for a goal. This drills gets our players used to breaking out at full-speed to their spots on the clear, getting the ball up the field quickly and efficiently, players learn to use both hands while breaking out over their shoulder, and attackmen learn to score in transition.

Red vs. Green Fast Breaks – This drill is a full-field continuous 4v3 Fast Break drill. Goalies outlet to our middies who come down on a 4v3 fast break. Middies must read the slide and decide what to do with the ball. Defensively we are working on 2 different calls, “Red” and “Green.” Green is your tradition fast-break (3 Man) rotation where the point defensemen slides to the middies, the low right defenseman slides up to the point attackman, and the low left defensemen slides across the crease. Red is when the point defensemen gives a fire call to the middie, getting the middie to throw the ball to the point attackman, and then the point defensemen immediately goes back to guarding the point attackman. We do this to prevent the two most dangerous attackman from touching the ball and scoring, the low right and low lefty players.

Ride the Bull – Defensive drill to work on turning players at GLE goal line extended. Great for getting players to beat attackmen to good spots by taking a good angle, turning your hips around, and driving players back behind the goal.

Smiley Face Shooting – A drill that works on getting players to finish in front of the goal, move the goalie, fakes the goalie, and finish in tight. Players go from feeding to shooting. The cut is in the smiley shape that allows players to be cutting towards the ball.

Diamond Stick Work – Drill has players breaking out in a diamond shape while working on different pass/catch variations. Some of these variations include: pull passes, shovel passes, catch roll away throw, catch one hand throw with another, and over the shoulder catches.

Shooting on the run – Drill works on shooting down-hill and on the run. Alley dodges, high wing dodges, and top center dodges proceeded players getting a shot off on the run. Great drill to rep shots that simulate game like situations.

Looking forward to continuing our development this Sunday! Hope everyone has a great week.


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Seek More.

Checking emails is something I do every day. When you are confronted with daily tasks, you can approach them one of two ways:

  1. Go through the motions
  2. Seek more

When checking email, you are going through the motions if you are seeking emails that are considered ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ so you can quickly and efficiently get your inbox closer and closer to zero. Emails that seem worthy of an immediate response remain unread or get quickly flagged (aka I don’t feel like dealing with this right now, I’ll go back to it later). Ever catch yourself avoiding emails because they seem too long, too unfamiliar, or too new? Well, that’s going through the motions.

Seeking more is giving a little more information than is actually requested in a response. Seeking more is proactively reaching out via email to get information, knowledge, ideas, or sign-ups. Seeking more is sending more emails so you can collect feedback from a large group of people. More leads to opportunity. More sets you a part. More leads to better. More is what I expect of more (people, companies, schools, parents, and kids).

We need less people going through the motions, we need more people seeking to do more. More good. More better. More quality work that makes a difference.