How a Studlete Prepares for Finals

Preparing for Finals

  • Find people outside of your friend group to study with. You will have a tendency to be more focused if you study with a group of classmates, as opposed to a group of friends.
  • Use index/flash cards and rewrite your notes to study. eFlash cards are a great way to save paper! Whatever works though. Repetitions are the key to memorizing. Just like taking more shots, GB’s, or reps on the field.
  • Get yourself on a proper sleep schedule. No need to study all hours of the night. Sleep is arguably more important than anything you can do during finals time.
  • Stay away from energy drinks. While Red bull may give you wings for a brief period of time, before you know it you’ll be crashing and quenching for more!
  • Eat a solid breakfast. Mix it up with some fruit, protein, and nutrients. Don’t over eat, but eat well.
  • Come prepared – extra writing utensils, extra batteries for calculators, etc.
  • Chew the SAME gum while studying that you chew while you’re taking the test (if possible) This will allow you to get that consistency and remember your material better on game-day (test-day, sorry!) ; )
  • Don’t second guess yourself! You’ve studied, you’ve worked hard, you’re prepared, now go with your gut!
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Some move fast, others slow, stay the road, and up you will go. (Hope you liked our jingle)

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