Three More Building Blocks in The Pyramid of Success

John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success


The next three Building Blocks in Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, are Condition, Skill and Team Spirit.  These are all very important elements for players to possess, if their teams are to be successful.


As a player, you will never reach your potential if you are not in the best possible condition.  Conditioning, is of course Physical Conditioning, but Mental and Emotional Conditioning as well.  This is really just another way to discuss the importance of Preparedness.

“Failing to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail”   Benjamin Franklin


This Building Block sits in the very center of the Pyramid.  To perform your job effectively, you must possess the required skill set for that job, whatever that job may be.  Being able to execute quickly and properly, is essential to your success both individually and collectively.

Team Spirit

The willingness to put the good of your team before your own individual goals.  This is what makes someone a “team player”.  Your “team” may be a business, your family or community or a sports team.  For a team to reach its greatest potential, it must be filled with “team players”, who care more about the welfare of the “team”, than their own interests.  A true “Team Player” will always find success in whatever the endeavor.


Give these central building blocks, some additional thought and try putting them into action in your own life.  It should yield positive results.





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