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Wall Ball

Want to develop skill? All you need: a ball, your stick, a wall. Below is a basic wall ball routine that works great for girls looking to develop skill on their own. This weekend we have no team training. That being said, don’t put down your stick. Pick it up. Find a wall. Bring some

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FLG Girls Spring Training – Week 1 RECAP

Youth Girls Theme of the Day – Defense V-Shuffle in the Alley – Players shuffle (no hopping, no dragging feet, no crossing feet, no sideways running) on a diagonal, back and forth inside about a 7 yard wide alley that is about 20 yards long.  The focus is on good defensive positioning, form and footwork. 

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It’s All About MYELIN

The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle is something of a “How To” Book.  Coyle asserts that “Talent” is not something you are born with, but something you can develop.  According to Coyle, it is really all about MYELIN, the microscopic substance that insulates neural connections, making them faster and more efficient.  This can make your

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Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The central theme of this amazing work, is that people can improve almost any experience they may engage in (even something that normally may be seen as boring or unpleasant), by learning how to order their own consciousness.  Csikszentmihalyi outlines ways to control your consciousness and thereby improve the quality of your life.   He calls

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Competitive Greatness

The final Building Block in Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, is Competitive Greatness.  Great Competitors relish great challenges.  The more difficult something is, the harder you have to work to achieve it, making it that much more satisfying when you do.  If you have the rest of the Building Blocks in place, you will be

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Poise and Confidence

Near the top of Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, are the Building Blocks – Poise and Confidence.  These two qualities are natural outgrowths of the Building Blocks that lie beneath them in the “Pyramid”. Poise Wooden defines “Poise” as being yourself, not pretending to be something that you’re not.  I think “Poise” is also the

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Three More Building Blocks in The Pyramid of Success

  The next three Building Blocks in Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, are Condition, Skill and Team Spirit.  These are all very important elements for players to possess, if their teams are to be successful. Condition As a player, you will never reach your potential if you are not in the best possible condition.  Conditioning,

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Pyramid of Success, Building Blocks

As we continue to examine John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, we move upward from the Foundation to the next level of Building Blocks. Self-Control Self-Control is an essential part of discipline.  The ability to control your emotions even at the highest levels of competition is a necessary part of developing the mindset of a Champion.

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2016, A Year of Change and Lacrosse

As 2016 draws to a close, I have been reflecting on this past year, which for me was a year of change to say the least. And most of that, “change”, has centered on lacrosse. This time last year, I was finishing my 24th year in the same job and looking forward to a winter

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The Wisdom of John Wooden

John Wooden is widely regarded as the greatest philosopher, teacher, and coach in all of sports history.  Though he passed away more than six years ago, he left behind many pearls of wisdom, from which we can all, continue to learn.  One such gem is his “Pyramid of Success”.  As we begin 2017, I will

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