Evaluating What’s Best For Your Athletes

Every February break, the FLG Directors meet with each boy/girl recruitable athlete in the FLG Select Program. In our meetings, it’s all about the athlete. We use this time to get to know our athletes on a deeper level.

We like to say, “Lacrosse is why you’re sitting here today. That being said, it’s your interests, passions, and academic expectations that gives a better understanding of what you want in your college experience.”

These meetings aren’t all about lacrosse. They are about getting our athletes on the right path. We want our families to channel their efforts in the right direction. No wasted time. No wasted money. No false hopes.

We shoot it straight.

We ask questions.

We listen.

We make suggestions.

We give advice.

We share stories.

We target schools.

We make a plan of action.

We stay in touch.

We never stop.

We let our families know that we are here to help and guide. We aren’t here to take credit for your son or daughter’s commit. ¬†There are so many resources out there for families to use. Guidance counsellors in school, an old youth coach, a neighbor, a twitter account. Take advantage of them, don’t let your club be your only resource or the end-all, be-all.

For more information on what we discuss with our athletes, don’t hesitate to reach out! We too want other clubs, high schools, and teams to build more than just athletes.



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