The Why?


Coach: It’s important to move the ball up the field.

Player: Why move upfield?

Coach: It brings the ball and your team closer to your opponent’s goal.

Player: Why get closer to your opponent’s goal?

Coach: Getting closer to your opponent’s goal gives your team a better chance to score.


I encourage players and coaches to ask the question, why?

But, why ask why?

Asking why makes you think more about the purpose of your actions.

The why brings you closer to clearly defining your goals.

Knowing the why can foster positive habits.

The why turn these positive habits into steady development.

Development brings you one step closer to a complete understanding of your goals or what it takes to become great.

The why makes coaches and athletes dig deeper, think harder, and make connections quicker.

Promote the question, why? Don’t shy away from it. After all, what’s the worst that can happen, you have to answer, “I don’t know?” In this case, work together, ask Google, figure out the why?




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