Patience v. Urgency

They say good things comes to those who wait, but only what is left by those who hustle.

This can apply to picking up ground balls on the field or getting that promotion at work. However, not everything good comes through hustle. Some of the best things in life come through patience.

The process of becoming a parent is a shining example of this. A pregnancy can’t be rushed. You can’t pick up the pace through the 10 month process. You can’t race to the finish line. Nearing the end? Not so quick. First the doctors must see ‘this’ before we move towards the goal of ‘that.’

Having relentless hustle can bring what you want, but having the ability to understand what you want and how to get there is paramount. Know when to ‘go go go’ and when to ‘lay low’ and you will continue to ‘grow.’



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