FLG Spring Training RECAP #4

Hey All,

Last Sunday was the 1st ‘somewhat’ Spring Day. The sun was out, the weather started to warm, the air was calm, and the ball was flying around. It was a super productive day on all fronts. Personally, I thought it was the most productive FLG Training session since the teams had their first training session in September of 2017. From Small Group Training to practice, all our teams & participants training looked great.

Below is a RECAP of Sunday’s Spring Training. We focused on a ton of skills and implemented some great drills. If you have questions on anything we do, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ve gotten some great calls and answered some great questions as it relates to youth training.

Good luck to everyone in their PAL games this Sunday as well!

See everyone on the fields,



Ground Ball Stations: 2, five minute stations focusing on 2 different types of ground balls, Man-Ball & Boxing Out. 2v1 GB’s is a classic GB drill that works on man-ball. Advantage box out is a classic GB drill where players start back to back with a ball between them. Every man for himself.

3v0 Give and Gos – Player 3v0 with 1 point player and two low players. Have players execute two give and gos before they take a shot. This drill teaches players to give, cut, and replace. Off-ball movement is key here to maintain balance and get the offense to re-set.

6v6 Scramble: Organize six lines of offense all slightly outside the box (2 at X, 1 on each wing, 2 above the top the box). The first player at each line must have a ball in their stick.  Defensive players are in one line directly at X. Start drill with a 2 v 2 anywhere on the field. Once ball is shot, turned over the coach blows the whistle and points to the line that will join the drill. The defense adds a player from X but he cannot mark the offensive player entering the drill. Build up to 6v6.


Shooting Variations: Below are the differnet types of moves and shots we worked on this past Sunday at small group training. All are 100% applicable to attackmen.

  • Finalizers – using a double move directly at X to get a step on your man for a shot. Key is to make your moves so the defensemen are forced to hop over the back of the cage.
  • Low Wing Dodges – dodging from the low wing is a growing trend in college lacrosse. A great way to get your hands free for a shot, feed, or simply to get the defense to start sliding and rotating.
    • V-Dodge
    • V-Dodge into a Split Dodge
    • S-Dodge

Challenge 1v1s with Attackman: Pick a guy you want to go 1v1 against, approach the man, defend to a shot


Defend the Cone: focus on approach, positioning, hand placement, and defending guys from up top. Don’t use your stick, use your hands when defending above GLE!

Three-man Approach Drill

Challenge 1v1s with Attackman: Pick a guy you want to go 1v1 against, approach the man, defend to a shot


Marquette Shooting Drill: 2-man games from the wings, cutting the field in half, and working on getting your hands free for a shot.

  • 2 Variations to work on
    • Pass to razor pick → Dodge to alley shot
    • Pass to razor pick → Dodge to alley hit slip

2v1 Dodges from High Wings: Great way to rep the two-man game and put the shooting variations to practice with a defender in the drill

2v2 Razor Picks: The Razor pick is a great pick variation to give the dodger an opportunity to dodge down the alley or to the middle.



  • V Shuffle in Alley – Focus on Footwork, Form, stick position
  • Ladders into GB’s, then into Breakdown and Contact (6 min)

Vary the foot patterns, stress ABCD’s

  • 1 v. 1 in Alley

Attack & Midfield

  • Dodging and Shooting from the Wings
    • Face Dodge under, Face Dodge and Roll, Split to top side.
    • Demonstrate and then have them rep. it from alternating sides, do from right side then left side.  Focus on footwork, change of direction, stick position.
  • Shooting – if release is early (before mid-crease) aim for far pipe, if release is late (after mid-crease) shoot back.

Practice Drills 

3 Lady Passing – Right, Left, Catch left throw right, Catch right throw left, gb’s (center person changes every min.)

Crazy 8’s – one of our favorite Fusion games that includes a 2v2 ground ball into a 3v2. Whoever earns the GB gets the extra player. Play to a shot and stay inside the 8 meter. Players on the outside of the drill are responsible for keeping the ball in play.

4 Corners 1 v. 1’s – 1v1s from 4 popular dodge locations around the 8 meter.


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