Beyond The Game, Mini-Series

Hey All!

Check out our first mini-series for our live streamed show starting after the new year, Beyond The Game. (Apologies for the audio being static in the first five minutes, I promise it gets better!)

One of the beautiful things of live streaming, you have to figure it out on the fly. A lot like the sport of lacrosse itself.

Players on the field don’t have the luxury of stopping the play, turning their heads to the sideline and asking their coaches what play to run. The game is live, free flowing, and goes up and down. Be prepared! A form of preparation that takes lots of proper practice. How many times were you put in a situation where you had to read, react, and make a decision? Something we try to do a lot of in our FLG program. Play FLG, get a lot of mindful practice. We think about this stuff, a lot. It’s all about preparing our players for the next level. Being ready to play, live.

Anyways, enjoy the show! Many more great clips of information, guests, and lacrosse talk to come.



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