FLG in 3D Summer Shootout Recap

On July 12th through July 14th, the FLG in 3D Summer Shootout took place at the beautiful Maryland Soccerplex in Boyds, Maryland. With over 100 + college coaches in attendance, these boys participating in the Summer Shootout gave their all in trying to showcase their skills in front of college coaches.  Some teams stood out more than others as the following teams were allowed to call themselves champions:

2020A: HEADstrong Lehigh

2020AA: 3D New England

2021A: Upstate FCA

2021AA: FLG

2022A: HGR Blue

2022AA: FLG

2023A: Low and Away

2023AA: Team 91 LI Bandits

2024: Upstate FCA Navy

2025: Upstate FCA Navy

2026: Upstate FCA Navy

Not only was there great tournament play,  but FLG and 3D lacrosse did something unique by hosting a FOGO competition for the 2020 through 2023 class. This competition was a fun and exciting event, and these kids wanted to show why they are the best at the faceoff X in their class. Just like the championship winners, some kids stood out more than others as these winners were allowed to call themselves the best FOGO in their division in the tournament:

2020: Drew Downing (Hoco Lacrosse)

2021: Thomas Nelson (Team MN)

2022: Quinn Nolan (Upstate FCA)

2023: Evan Vetter (Low and Away)

Impact Players 


Rafael Rodriguez (2020, M, FLG)- The uncommitted Long Island standout, who helped Sachem East get to the playoffs this season demonstrates great shooting ability, and has great vision as well.

Jacob Carpenter (2020, A, Gaffer Elite)- The righty attackmen plays best behind the X as he has great ability to put the ball in the back of the net when behind there.

CK Giancola (2020, M, 3D NE South)–  The Trinity Pawling product does a great job scoring from 10 to 15 yards out, and he’s very strong in the clear game


Tommy Mendyke (2021, D, Team MN)– Mendyke is a great stick handler and is an asset  clearing the ball.

Thomas Nelson (2021, FOGO, Team MN)– The 2021 FOGO face off competition winner has great size at 6’1” and 195 Ibs, and he also won 73% of his face offs and scooped up 156 ground balls for his varsity program in Minnesota.

Ethan Storey (2021, D, 3D Georgia)–  Storey has a great nickname as they call him Thor, and he plays great off ball defense, and he does a great job creating opportunities for the offense off of the clear.


Matt Perfetto (2022, A/M, FLG)– Perfetto will be a key part of the Manhasset program for the next couple of years as he is a play maker and is a fun player to watch.


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