FLG Committed Spotlight: Dellicicchi Becomes a Bear

Locust Valley high school senior attackman, Luke Dellicicchi is taking his offensive talents to Brown University next fall. Growing up, Dellicicchi played ice hockey and reluctantly began playing in lacrosse in kindergarten.  By translating his ice hockey skills to the turf and prioritizing his academics, Dellicicchi made his way to the Ivy League. 

Q: How did you get into the sport of lacrosse and how long have you been playing for?

A: The story of how I got into Lacrosse is actually pretty funny. When I was in kindergarten my childhood best friend, John Madsen, called me up asking if I would want to try lacrosse. His team needed extra guys for a tournament. At first I didn’t want to go, but reluctantly I went to the tournament and I haven’t put down my stick since.

Q: What teams and leagues have you played for in the past or are currently a member of?

A:  I played for the Locust Valley Falcons PAL team since I was in kindergarten. I also began playing for True Blue lacrosse in fourth grade until sophomore year. And I played with FLG for my last club season.

Q: Have you/do you currently play any other sports besides lacrosse? If so, how have they helped improve your lacrosse game?

A: Growing up playing ice hockey gave me an aggressive edge and playmaking ability that transitioned to the lacrosse field. I played hockey up until ninth grade. That’s when I decided it would be best to focus on lacrosse to secure a successful future.

Q: What about Brown and its lacrosse program helped you decide it was the right school for you?

A: Growing up, academics were always my first priority. As I matured as both an athlete and a student it became very clear to me that I wanted to play Division I lacrosse at a very good academic school. With these being my priorities, Brown seemed like a no-brainer. Exceptional academics combined with a successful and flourishing lacrosse program run by great coaches is a perfect match for me.

Q: Have you always played attack? And what about this position has made you stick to it?

A: For the most part, I’ve always played attack. Here and there a coach would move me around the midfield position if we didn’t have enough players or if other kids needed reps on attack, but I flourished at attack. My dodging ability and quick change of direction at “X” allows me to produce on the field. My itch for scoring goals and making plays in hockey carried over to the lacrosse field.

Q: When you’re not on the lacrosse field, what else are you likely to spend your time doing?

A: If I’m not on the lacrosse field I’m either at the gym, doing school work, or at Chipotle.

Q: In what ways did the coronavirus quarantine impact your 2020 spring season? 

A: Due to the coronavirus unfortunately we were not able to have a season in the spring. Thankfully, I was recruited before the pandemic hit, because not being able to have a season my junior year was devastating. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most about your second to last high school lacrosse season?

A: My last season at Locust Valley is going to be an interesting one. I like having older teammates to look up to. Now that I am a senior, I understand it is my responsibility to lead by example for some of the younger players coming up. After Locust Valley I will be doing a PG year at Taft, so technically I have two more high school seasons.

Q: Are there any particular coaches or teammates that have taught you valuable lessons about the sport of lacrosse or life that you frequently keep in mind?

A: Two coaches that I have to owe a lot of my credit to are Coach Kasper and Coach Winkoff. My high school coach, Jim Kasper taught me a lot about offensive schemes, and what it takes to play at the next level. Coach Winkoff facilitated my development as a player greatly. After playing with him for a year I can say that I learned a ton about the fundamentals of the game as well as where I excel as a player and some things I should look on improving. 

Q: Do you have any professional lacrosse players/athletes that you look up to or try to replicate their game?

A: Lacrosse wise, I try to mold my game after Michael Sowers. I envy his dodging and quick play making ability. Overall, my favorite athlete has to be Saquon Barkley. He is the epitome of hard work, perseverance  and humility. 

Q: What’s your favorite quote or piece of advice you’ve ever heard or received?

A: A quote I live by, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”


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