Roslyn vs. Sewanhaka Boys Analysis

On a chilly may night, we witnessed a physical game between Roslyn and Sewanhaka boy’s lacrosse teams. This would serve as a game that meant a lot to the seniors, being that it was their last regular season game at home. Roslyn came out on top, sending their fans home happy, 18-4.

The first quarter we saw a great outing by Roslyn. This was led by two goals from junior Ethan Gatto, and freshman Alex Gatto. We also saw scores from seniors Ethan Perkal, Will Markowitz, and Ethan Baum. Sewanhaka was able to get on the board as well with a goal from senior Lucien Cherubin. At the end of the first quarter it was seven to one in favor of Roslyn. This quarter featured great ball control and shot selection by Roslyn on offense, and a good defensive showing by holding Sewanhaka to just one goal.

The second quarter showed another strong outing by Roslyn. We saw two goals from junior Jack Fine, as well as goals from Ethan Perkal, Alex Gatto, Ethan Baum, and junior Justin Fried for Roslyn’s offense. Sewanhaka had junior Sultan Taj pick up a nice goal to keep Sewanhaka fired up. We saw more of the same from Roslyn in this quarter, good shot selection and ball control. Also, their defense was strong because they held a good Sewanhaka team to just 2 goals in the first half. The score was fourteen to two at the half.

The third quarter we saw some great defense. Sewanhaka only gave up one goal to Alex Gatto to try and bring their team back into it. Sewanhaka’s scorers were seniors Christopher Salazar and Christian Batista. Roslyn hung tight with the good ball control.  Sewanhaka stepped up with big goals and playing stellar defense to hinder Roslyn’s fierce offense and keep them to just one goal the whole quarter. Going into the fourth, the score was fifteen to four.

In the fourth quarter Roslyn scored three times with Will Markowitz, sophomore Jonah Baum and junior Jesse Baum. The final score was eighteen to four in favor of Roslyn.

Overall, for Roslyn, they played well in every aspect of the game today which is presumably what led them to the big win. This game should give Roslyn some serious momentum moving into the playoffs. For Sewanhaka, it was a tough game. However, they shouldn’t beat themselves up too much. After giving up fourteen points in the half, they held a good Roslyn offense to just four goals in the second half. This should be a morale booster to them seeing as their playoff hopes are still alive.


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