FLG interview recap: Desiree Kleberg

The college recruiting process can be an overwhelming but exciting time for prospective athletes. Every athlete has a different approach to the recruiting process, but for Kleberg, the approach was simple. She was going to visit every school she was recruited to. 

“My dad told me immediately when I was starting the recruiting process you have to visit every school.” This is exactly what she did. She went to visit every school that showed enough interest in her, and this philosophy is what led her to fall in love with Quinnipiac. 

Currently, the Mid-American Conference, otherwise known as the MAC, is split into two divisions this year. Quinnipiac will play some teams twice as they try to limit travel due to COVID-19. The limited travel will make seeing games easier for Kleberg’s parents as her father has not missed a game she has played in. “If I am playing, he will never miss a game,” says the biology major. 

Her advice for current lacrosse players going through the process is, “Take advantage of every opportunity that you get.” 


Time Stamps:

0:00 – Her major and time at Quinnipiac

2:30 – Her lacrosse season during COVID-19

5:35 – Why she loves Quinnipiac

7:09 – Long Island players on Quinnipiac

10:53- Her recruiting process 

14:58 – the MAC 

19:20- Her advice to high school lacrosse players


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