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Get On Your Own Team

So many young athletes are concerned with what team they should join. Am I playing for the right club team? Which high school team should I choose? What college team should I pursue? Before getting so caught-up with choosing a team, learn to get on your own team. Treat your body right. Improve your weaknesses.

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NXT Philly Freshman Showcase Stand-outs

The NXT Philly Freshman Showcase is the most prestigious Fall individual showcase for freshmen lacrosse players. The who’s who of the 2020 class took the fields today at the United Sports Complex in Downingtown, PA for the 7th annual event. The sidelines were lined with top Division I coaches, ready to watch some serious talent.

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More Than Just Athletes

When FLG ‘For the Love of the Game’ Lacrosse started 10 years ago, our mission was Building More Than Just Athletes. Today, our mission remains the same. We like to say that lacrosse is what brings the families in our programs together, but it’s the intangible traits that will set the players in our program a

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Lacrosse Recruiting Calendar Shift

Fall has become a huge season for lacrosse recruiting. Not too long ago, College Coaches only used the late Spring and Summer seasons to recruit athletes for their programs. Now, the Fall has become equally as popular for getting recruited. September and October weekends are filled with College Prospect Days, giving studletes that day in the

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We Don’t Play for the T-Shirt

We play for the love of the game. We play to make ourselves better on and off the field. We play to become better athletes and better human beings. We play to improve. We play to have fun and learn. Why do you play?

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FLG Summer Camp Starts Tuesday!

Camp starts Tuesday – don’t miss the boat on a great week of lax and camp life! Kindergarten thru 8th Grade boys and girls When: July 5- July 8 Where: St Pauls School, Garden City NY What: great week of lax, sun, color war activities! Contact: 516.750.6500

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4 Grades, 4 Champs

4 days until the #BigX tournament at LIU Post! There will be 1 champ in each grade. There are 4 age divisions competing this weekend. Which class are you getting ready to dominate?

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6 Days Until FLG Boys Premier Showcase!

6 days until the FLG Boys Premier Showcase The 2016 class was the first graduating class from the FLG Premier Showcase era. Of the 104 male 2016 athletes, how many do you think are continuing their lacrosse careers at the college level?

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Know Your Role

Happy Whiteboard Wednesday everybody! Today we’d like to discuss 5 talking points on how to fit into your Spring school team roles on the field. 1- Speak with your coaches about their expectations for you. Let them help you figure out what your “role” is. 2- Build chemistry with the RIGHT people. If you’re role is

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Free Training – Coming To a Town Near You

The FLG Free Training Series: Coming to a town near you! First clinic is in Seaford, NY at Cedar Creek Park – Monday, April 18 – 6:00pm All you have to do is register at flglacrosse.com and show up ready to learn and have some fun! Dates and times for other free clinics will be coming soon! Any questions

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