Take “the Other” to Lunch

Elizabeth Lesser, a best selling author and founder of the Omega Institute, looks to move away from demonizing or criticizing those with different views from your own. Elizabeth says, “instead of talking about someone you might consider “the Other,” talk to that person.”

Lesser’s idea of taking “the Other” to lunch means having an elevated conversation with someone who has different views or beliefs. She mentions the importance of having a lunch that follows guidelines, such as, being curious, being real, listening, not persuading, and not defending. The purpose of this conversation is not to change ones views, but to better understand them.

Are you someone who plays sports? Then sit down for lunch with someone who would rather play an instrument.

Not an outdoors person? Each lunch outside with someone who is all about the environment.

Were you raised Catholic? How about breaking bread with someone Jewish.

Taking “the Other” to lunch isn’t just for adults. It’s a great opportunity for children in school or students in college to listen, connect, and network with “the Other.”

Learn more about Lesser’s idea of taking “the Other” to lunch by viewing her Ted Talk below:


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