Desiree Kleberg; LI Star to Bobcat

Desiree Kleberg was a two sport standout at Walt Whitman High School. Her tenure at Walt Whitman was marred with achievement. She starred on both the basketball court and lacrosse field. Playing two sports made Desiree a household name in South Huntington. Her constant presence on and around the athletic community. Her basketball game was outstanding and only outdone by her lacrosse performance. 22 assists in her season to accompany a whopping 59 goals. She is now playing at Quinnipiac in Hamden, Connecticut and was gracious enough to handle a few questions for us.


Q: Why did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse after one of my basketball coaches told me about the sport and he thought I would be able to use my basketball skills and translate them onto the lacrosse field.


Q: Why did you choose to go to Quinnipiac?

I came to Quinnipiac because of the beautiful campus and to put the school on the map for women’s lacrosse. We are here to flip the switch and start making some noise in the lax world.


Q: How is training for lacrosse different now that you are in college?

Lacrosse training in college is at a much faster pace than it was in high school and it was definitely hard to adjust in the first couple of practices.

Q: Is there anything you’ve picked up in your first month of school that you feel will benefit you on the lacrosse field this season?

I’ve learned how to manage my time well and how to think quickly on the field in fast paced situations which should help my awareness on the field.


Q: Favorite dessert item?

Creme Brulee


Q:What was the highlight of your high school career?

The highlight of my high school career was in my junior year during the last lacrosse game of the season. My team was down by 1 with 40 seconds and I had a great check to get the ball back and eventually tie the game. We ended up winning in overtime and upset a team ranked higher than us.

Q: You played two sports throughout your high school career, is it going to be tough giving up basketball?

It’s really tough knowing I won’t be playing basketball anymore competitively but I’m doing my best to use my basketball background as an advantage on defenders. Basketball and lacrosse are so similar in many different ways so I’ll never really be too far from basketball.


Q: Where do you see yourself post-graduation and how do see your lacrosse experience helping you in future endeavors?

Post graduation I hope to have won at least one MAAC championship and have made to to the NCAA tournament. I also hope to be attending medical school and continuing my education in the medical field. My competitive nature and constant desire to learn should lead me to this path.


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