FLG College Road Tour – Bard College

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to tour the beautiful campus of Bard College. Set in Annandale-on-Hudson NY, in the town of Red Hook, Bard stretches over 700 acres of conservancy, farm land, wooded trails, rolling hills, and breath-taking views. Known for it’s strong liberal arts education, Bard’s long time President has shown increasing support for their athletic programs.

Meeting with Assistant Coach Marcelo Godino outside of Bard’ Athletic Complex, he took me on a quick tour of the athletic fields and facility. Lorenzo Ferrari of the Ferrari car Co., invested millions to help in building 2 beautifully manicured grass soccer/lacrosse fields on campus. Bard has a newly built baseball stadium right next to the Ferrari Fields. Additionally, the athletic program is working on approving plans to build a brand new field-turf stadium for the lacrosse team.

After Coach Godino introduced me to Head Coach Alex Stone, I became excited for the potential of the Bard Lacrosse Program. Coach Stone is a young, enthusiastic, genuine guy; who has great plans to build a top-contender in the highly competitive Liberty League. Coach Stone went to Union College. After graduation he made his way to Bard to coach under Tucker Kear, current Head Coach at Skidmore. Then, after the departure of Coach Kear, applied for and was hire to lead the Bard Raptors Lacrosse Program. Experiencing the Liberty League from three different perspectives for over 8 years, gives Coach Stone an edge over his competition. The first perspective is experience the conference as a recruit. Stone was recruited by nearly all the teams in the league. Secondly, he experienced the League as a player. Playing for Union for all four years. Lastly, he has experienced the League as an Assistant and now head coach.

After a great visit with the Bard Men’s Lacrosse staff, I’v accumulated a couple reasons why a young, successful lacrosse studlete would want to attend this school:

  1. Balance. Bard gives players an opportunity to explore different liberal arts classes, pursue graduate programs, experience unique student life activities, and play a high brand of athletics. Bard has a current studlete from Oregon who is studying finance, takes pottery, ceramics, drawing, and also plays on the lacrosse team. Pretty sweet life.
  2. Proximity. Bard is within 90 minutes of all it’s other Liberty League opponents. Also, it’s less than 3 hours from NYC. A great option for Tri-state area studletes that aren’t looking to go too far from home. Lastly, the campus is absolutely gorgeous. The land is right near the Hudson, with it’s property being conserved and protected by environmental scientists and locals of Red Hook.
  3. Support. Bard Athletics is on the rise. They have plans to build a new stadium for lacrosse and their athletic facility is spectacular. They have a great basketball gym, full size olympic pool, offices for all the college coaches, and a newly reconverted gym/weight-room. The school is supporting their athletic programs and are looking to bring more athletes onto campus to create a more diverse student body.
  4. Reputation. Bard College has a great reputation. Their degree is valued and has helped graduates achieve higher education, get excepted at some of the best graduate programs across the country, as well as land jobs that lead to successful careers.

Overall, Bard College is an under the radar gem in upstate NY that should definitely be considered. To learn more about becoming a Raptor – click here.

A special thanks to Coach Godino and Coach Stone for taking the time to educate FLG on what it means to be a Raptor.


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