Brian Ward


Ohio State

Position: Midfield

High School: Bayport-Blue Point High School

Hometown: Bayport

Region: Long Island

1. Why did you choose to commit to this college?
I chose Ohio State because it had everything I was looking for in a college. Great
academics, a great lacrosse program, amazing facilities, and an awesome campus. I also
wanted to attend a larger school, and with close to 55,000 students it fit that criteria. The
city of Columbus is a great city as well, there was always something to do downtown.
2. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone younger than you, going through the
same process?
I would tell the person to weigh all their options out and to not rush the process. Being
recruited in high school was a really-fun and exciting time, it’s something I’ll remember
for the rest of my life. Choose a school that best fits you as an individual and one that will
put you on the best path to success after graduation.
3. What was your favorite part about playing for the FLG lacrosse program?
My favorite part about playing for FLG was the friendships that I made throughout my
four years with the program. The players, coaches, and parents were all awesome and
made the summer recruiting circuit that much more fun. Another awesome part about
playing with the FLG lacrosse program was how helpful the directors and coaches were.
They were always willing to help with anything I was uncertain about during the
recruiting process.
4. What peaks your interest outside of school and lacrosse?
I love the beach, being outdoors, music, golf, and Netflix tv shows.
5. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you can only have one thing, what would it
be (you have food and water)?
A boat. If that’s considered cheating, a computer with some wifi would suffice.
6. If you had to choose one super power to have, what would it be and why?
The ability to have laser like focus at all times, I have a bad tendency to tune out easily
when something doesn’t interest me.
7. What are some of your pregame rituals and/or game day superstitions?
I’m not a very superstitious person. Listening to music before games was always a
necessity for me, usually something with some bass like rap or house.
8. What is your favorite surface to play on? Turf or grass?
Nothing tops playing on a well-groomed grass field.
9. What is your favorite breakfast meal?
Corn beef hash, 3 eggs scrambled, cheddar cheese, whole wheat toast with grape jelly,
and a hot black coffee.
10. What athlete do you idolize the most?
Russell Westbrook
11. What is your favorite genre of music?
Classic Rock
12. What is your favorite quote?
“Leave it better than you found it”
13. Who do you look up to the most in life?
My parents, they’ve been there for me every step of the way.
14. Where do you see yourself after college?
Living in New York City

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