FLG ’18 Girls Premier Showcase – Top 10 Premier Players

The FLG Girls Premier Showcase featured 160 uncommitted female athletes at LIU Post on Long Island. This event proved to be the perfect way to kick off the summer recruiting season. 40+ college coaches came to LI to coach all athletes in attendance. An epic all-star game featured 50 of the top ladies from the event. This game was tied with seconds remaining and our first premier player, Amanda Kozak, scored on a fabulous inside roll for a Goal and the game winner. Learn more about Amanda and nine other studs by reading below.

37- Amanda Kozak

This 2020 Attacker from Floral Park NY has such a high lacrosse IQ, you can’t watch without noticing her creativity around the crease. She can create not only offense for herself but for her teammates as well. She can do it all, feed, work the crease dodges, and release shots like a sniper. If her hands are free, be ready goalies, she has a variety of shots to the corners and five-hole. Check out some of her highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh4BmN4-NxM

80- Danielle Livornese

This 2020 midfielder is versatile from one end of the field to the other. A great on ball defender and tough around the cage playing lock down defense on any opponent. It does not stop there, she is amazing at not only placing the draw where she wants it, but she can snag fifty- fifty balls from the second the whistle blows. She has downhill dodging ability from the top of the eight-meter, allowing her to blow past even the toughest defenders.

11- Sarah Bucher

An attacker that any coach could work with, in developing offense in any situation when the pressure is on or off, she is a hard off ball cutter but can still dodge from the wings or up top if her team needs a goal. Sarah has great hands and the mentality to use her lacrosse IQ to keep her hands free in any position, including a behind the back shot that can sneak up on any goalie. Her crafty moves and cuts cause trouble for any defender.

135- Julia Steneck

This lock down defender gives trouble for any dodger from any position on the field. As a 2020, no girl on the field is a match up she cannot take on, she can cause turnovers against the best of the best. She has the speed to carry the ball coast to coast. She can run the field with anybody, making defensive transition a strength for her. She is a loaded player with a “shut it down” attitude. No cutter or dodger is any match.

58- Abby Carroll

This speed demon of a midfielder can do anything and everything. She can place the ball where it needs to be on draws to set up her teammates. Her quickness and natural athletic ability gives her an edge in every aspect of the game.  This athlete can  run the field with anyone, of any age, and she makes it look easy. Good luck trying to slow her down – she goes 110% all game. She has the stick skills to go with her off the charts athletic ability – lefty, righty, you name it, she can do it.

83- Olivia Rongo

This 2022, competes with anyone.  She plays at a high speed which propels her past defenders, allowing her to release beautiful, well-placed shots. She displays great versatility from end to end. She can mark cutters as well, and is a strong off ball player herself. A smooth athlete, she appears to breeze by defenders in the open field when she is carrying the ball making her a major boost for any team looking to push the fast break.  If she continues to grow as a player in every aspect; we predict big things happening for her in the future.

54- Madison Murphy

A smooth disciplined athlete, who excels in all parts of the game. Her talents go far and wide across the field as a two way midfielder, there seems to be nothing she cannot do. Her relentless hustle makes her a ground ball machine.  She is talented on the Draw and is a crafty playmaker, all over the field. She excels in the transition game –  causing turnovers all over the field, while helping to a push for the fast break opportunity offensively. She has natural leadership qualities and is an extremely coachable athlete, making her a great prospect, who will make some lucky college coach very happy.

102- Rachel Schlesinger

This 2020 goalie is great between the pipes. She can handle any eight-meter shot that is thrown at her. She throws strikes to her breakout players when clearing the ball, hitting them in full stride, igniting her team’s transition. She looks to play out on a high arc in her crease, as shooters creep in, cutting off angles. Her quick hands allow her to make those tough, off stick hip saves.  She is a clutch performer who rises to the occasion, making big saves when needed, creating momentum for her team. Check out her highlight film here.

130- Kyra O’Driscoll

This 2020 defender is the definition of a ground ball machine. She attacks every play with her heart and soul going into it. Her relentless mind set allows her to challenge every opponent she encounters on the field. Her on ball defense can discourage even some of the best dodgers. Her mental toughness and determination fuel her aggressive defensive style, causing turnovers all over the field and shutting down major threats for other teams. She is a workhorse athlete that can make any coach happy. Check out some of her highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSowz-ntglk

72- Mary Teresky

This 2020 midfielder can lock onto any player carrying the ball on the field. She can shut down dodgers from anywhere place, open field or in settled defense. Her competitive, defensive mindset prevents transition for her opponent. Her speed and tenacity help ignite transition for her team.  A quick first step, makes her an excellent downhill dodger who get her own shot as well as, create space and find openings for teammates. With excellent vision, she looks to make that smart, extra pass, to move the goalie when she is near the cage.


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