Bay Shore vs. Sachem North Boys 1st Round Playoff Analysis

Tonight, a defensive battle took place between two great teams in Bay Shore and Sachem North. Bay Shore hosted this first round playoff game against Suffolk Class A’s twelve seed in North.

The best way to describe the first quarter, competitive. Both teams were competiting for everything. Possessions, ground balls, one on one match-ups, and goals. Bay Shore scored twice in the first quarter, one by senior Christian DeSimone and the other by senior Will Button. Sachem also scored twice in the quarter, with one by junior James Butler and one by senior Frank Quadrino.

Moving into the second quarter, a strong defensive showing by Bay Shore. DeSimone found the back of the net for a second time, and  Joe Walser got himself on the board to give Bay Shore a commanding lead. Sachem North didn’t score in the second, but still had a some good, patient offensive possessions. The score was 4-2 going into halftime.

The third quarter was a defensive battle for both teams. Bay Shore scored once by Senior, Lucas Tenedorio. Sachem’s Frankie Quandrino responded, scoring his second of the game. Both defenses did an outstanding job forcing low angle shots and making scoring a goal a difficult task.

Ryan Scully of Bay Shore joined the party in the fourth quarter, giving Bayshore a 6-3 lead. The Mauraders locked it down for the entire fourth quarter, giving themselves a 6-3 victory and a first round playoff victory over a very solid Sachem North squad.

Overall,  it was a very competitive game that could have gone either way. While Bay Shore was the favorite, they still had their work cut out for them against a scrappy, well-coached, and organized Sachem North team. Holding North’s offense to only three goals is a victory in itself. Bay Shore has some steam going into there second round game. They will need all the momentum they can could get considering they have one of the most difficult roads to a County Champsionship. As for Sachem North, they should walk away from this game with their heads high. They had a very accomplished and impactful Senior class that left it all on the field this season. Defensively, Matt Griffin and Ryan Kinsley did a great job for the arrows. Mike Bellemo at the midfield, as well as Sachem’s two senior attackmen, Frankie Quadrino and Cole Stassi. All these guys were warriors and will go off to do great things.


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