Senior Exceptional Game Announcement

LILJ would like to announce the Senior Exceptional All- Star Game. This game will feature the ALL- Long Island Goat Team Players from Nassau and the best seniors in Suffolk counties, Boys and Girls, going head to head in a All- Star game event, showing the lacrosse community why they are the GOATs of the Long Island.

Date is set for Tuesday June 25th, at Northport Veterans Park

  • Veterans Park Address: 279 Bellerose Ave. East Northport New York, 11731
  • Girls game at 7pm
  • Boys game at 8pm

If you have been selected for the GOAT ALL- Long Island Senior Team for Nassau or Suffolk County, you are eligible to participate in the game. Please check in for the game a half hour prior to game time!

Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you at the game!

All are welcome and invited to come a watch the games as the talent level representing Nassau and Suffolk Counties will be through the roof!

In regards to the selection process: 

All High School Coaches, were notified to send in their nominations to the LILJ with their best players to represent their High School and community. Based on overall HS career and senior campaign, the LILJ selection committee Selected a 25 man roster for each gender and county to play in the game.

If anyone has any questions regarding this event, please reach out at, as well as tune into the LILJ Website for more information on who we are watching out for.

Nassau Boys Roster:

  • Danny Boccafola, Defense, Garden City
  • Alexander Keener, Defense, Bethpage
  • Colin Hart, Defense, Garden City
  • Ed Arnold, Defense, Manhasset
  • Kenny Brower, Defense, Massapequa
  • Liam Entenmann, Goalie, Chaminade
  • Roy Meyer, LSM, Chaminade
  • Max May, Hewlett, Goalie
  • Dan Callan, Defense, Massapequa
  • Angelo Petrakis, FOGO, Massapequa
  • Trevor Yeboah- Kodie, Midfield, Garden City
  • Garret Gibbons, Midfield, Massapequa
  • Matt Sluka, Midfield, Kellenberg
  • Rich Hickis, Midfield, Farmingdale
  • Steven Grabher, Midfield, North Shore
  • Jack Monfort, Midfield, Syosset
  • Reilly Gray, Midfield, Chaminade
  • Danny Striano, Midfield, Cold Spring Harbor
  • Anthony Caputo, Midfield, Clarke
  • Nick Turrini, Midfield, Calhoun
  • Louis Perfetto, Attack, Manhasset
  • Thomas Rogan, Attack, Chaminade
  • Sam Lufti, Attack, Massapequa
  • Colin Gleason, Attack, Massapequa
  • Jack Rooney, Attack, St. Dominic’s
  • Justin Copolla, FOGO, Garden City

Suffolk Boys Roster:

  • Patrick O’Neill, LSM, Ward Melville
  • Sal Pascarella, LSM, HHH East
  • Jared Paquette, Goalie, West Islip
  • Mike Sabella, Defense, Mt. Sinai
  • Greg Campisi, LSM, St. Anthony’s
  • Kevin Ehli, Defense, Smithtown West
  • Mike Alexander, Defense, West Islip
  • Gerald Filardi, Defense, HHH West
  • Tommy Heller, Goalie, Comsewogue
  • Christian Lowd, LSM, Smithtown West
  • Thomas Sangiovanni, Midfield, Harborfields
  • Connor Kalmus, Midfield, Riverhead
  • Daniel Parker, Midfield, St. Anthony’s
  • James, Ringer, Midfield, BBP
  • Conor Calderone, FOGO, Smithtown West
  • Blake Behlen, Midfield, Commack
  • Bradon Aviles, FO/Midfield, Ward Melville
  • Max Napoli, Midfield, Northport
  • Matt Caddigan, Midfield, Smithtown West
  • Will Button, Attack, Bay Shore
  • Justin Tiernan, Attack, John Glenn
  • Dylan Palonetti, Attack, Ward Melville
  • John Sidorski, Attack, East Islip
  • Vince D’Alto, Atack, Kings Park
  • Christian Mule, Attack, HHH West
  • John Hoffman, Attack, Smithtown West

Nassau Girls Roster:

  • Daniela Stelcer, Goalie. Sacred Heart
  • Caroline Mondiello, Defense, Manhasset
  • Olivia Dooley, Defense, Manhasset
  • Danielle Carson, Defense, Wantagh
  • Cubby Biscardi, Defense, Sacred Heart
  • Casey Roszko, Defense, Manhasset
  • Sophia Taglich, Defense, CSH
  • Kerri Radomski, Defense, Manhasset
  • Emily Gaven, Goalie, Garden City
  • Lexi Correia, Midfield, Long Beach
  • Grace Taukus, Midfield, Princeton
  • Missy Biscardi, Midfield, Sacred Heart
  • Liana Mcdonnell, Midfield, Garden City
  • Caitlin Cook, Midfield, Garden City
  • Nicole Mormile, Midfield, CSH
  • Erin Shimborske, Midfield, Farmingdale
  • Kerin Heuser, Midfield, Hicksville
  • Kate Fiola, Midfield, Massapequa
  • Amanda Weber, Midfield, Farmingdale
  • Kristina Kallansrude, Midfield, Jericho
  • Anna Franschilla, Midfield, Locust Valley
  • Arden Tierner, Attack, Sacred HEart
  • Caitlin Colbert, Attack, North Shore
  • Rebecca Korn, Attack, Syosset
  • Caroline Debellis, Attack, CSH
  • Ella Heaney, Attack, Garden City

Suffolk Girls Roster:

  • Lexi Kotsalidis, Goalie, Kings Park
  • Chloe Hoschel, Defense, Northport
  • Kelly Johnston, Defense, Mt. Sinai
  • Claire Morris, Goalie, Northport
  • Kira Accettella, Defense, St. Anthony’s
  • Lindsay Rongo, Defense, West Hampton
  • Catherine Flaherty, Defense, ESM
  • Meghan Pickel, Midfield, Bayport
  • Alexis Reinhardt, Midfield, Ward Melville
  • Emily Heller, Midfield, West Babylon
  • Charrlotte Verhulst, Midfield, St. Anthony’s
  • Sophie Alois, Midfield, Middle Country
  • Hannah Heller, Midfield, West Babylon
  • Danielle Marino, Midfield, West Islip
  • Jillian Caroselli, Midfield, West Islip
  • Kasey Choma, Midfield, ESM
  • Olivia Carner, Midfield, Northport
  • Emma Tyrrell, Midfield, Mt. Sinai
  • Courtney Carollo, Midfield, Ward Melville
  • Hollie Schleicher, Midfield, West Hampton
  • Desiree Kleberg, Midfield, Walt Whitman
  • Kayla Downey, Midfield, West Babylon
  • Brianna Lamoureux, Midfield, Rocky Point
  • Gabby Sartori, Attack, Mt. Sinai
  • Morgan Mitchell, Attack, Mt. Sinai
  • Melissa Sconone, Attack, East Islip

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