Emma LoPinto takes her talents to Gainesville

On Tuesday, the number 1 ranked girl in the class of 2021, Emma LoPinto (A, Manhasset) decided to take her talents to Gainesville and become a Gator. The University of Florida’s women program made a splash by snatching up the number 1 recruit on Long Island, and they had one great week as they also picked up the number 10th ranked player in the class of 2021, Celeste Forte (D, ESM).

LoPinto is only a Junior, but she has tremendous athletic career, and has left a great impact on Manhasset athletics as she has a lot of success on the basketball court.  On the lacrosse field, LoPinto is phenomenal. She’s a great athlete, a big time goal scorer, and has great vision. The LILJ talked to LoPinto about her life changing decision as she talked about her whole recruiting process, her thoughts on the upcoming season, and much more.  

Q: Why did you decide to go to Florida?

The coaching staff, academics, and location

Q: What other schools were you considering ?

Duke, Michigan and Syracuse

Q: What excites you the most about Florida?

Being able to be part of a team that could potentially win a national championship

Q: Give us your thoughts on the upcoming high school season?

Very excited although we lost many seniors we definitely believe we have a shot at going far! 

Q: What has Emma LoPinto been doing this offseason to get ready for 2020? 

Work out every day prepare for basketball season and go to the turf and take some shots or do wall ball. 


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