Jojo Todaro Switches Color from Orange to Hopkins Blue

This week, the #2 ranked player in the class of 2021, Jojo Todaro (2021, D/LSM, Carey) decided to switch his verbal commitment from Syracuse to Johns Hopkins.

The Syracuse Orange snagged one of the poles on Long Island when Jojo was only in 8th grade, but Todaro decided that Syracuse might not be the best fit for him, so he decided to take his talents to Johns Hopkins. The Blue Jays are getting one hell of a player. From a defensive perspective, Todaro has all the skills of a great long pole. He has great footwork, he’s a ground ball machine, and he’s very good in transition. The LILJ sat down with Todaro for an exclusive Q&A talking about his life changing decision.  

  1.  What made you switch your commitment from Syracuse to Johns Hopkins?

             I felt like Johns Hopkins was a better fit for me and I feel the most comfortable at Johns Hopkins.

  1. When did you consider switching?

           A couple days after September 1st. 

  1. Why Johns Hopkins? 

         They have strong traditional lacrosse program and high quality academics. 

  1. What other schools were you considering?

        Maryland, Penn State, North Carolina, and Hofstra. 

  1. What excites you the most about going to Johns Hopkins?

        How important the lacrosse program is at the university

  1. Give us your thoughts on the upcoming high school season?

       We are a young and talented group of kids who are looking to make a name for ourselves in the upcoming season

  1.   What is Jojo Todaro doing this offseason to get better?

       Strength and conditioning, footwork and shooting. 



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