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Legit Back Helmet

At the FLG Legit Showcase, players get more than great exposure to some of the best college coaches in the country. Players get an opportunity to receive great coaching, receive recognition for their outstanding play, develop character, leadership, and understand what it means to be ‘LEGIT.’ Throughout the Legit Boys Showcase, players are awarded decals. To learn more about what these decals represent, read below.

Wear 19 Decal Wear 19 Decal

FLG Lacrosse started the Wear 19 Campaign to honor an American Hero, Welles Remy Crowther. Welles (#19) played lacrosse and graduated from Boston College. After graduating, Welles took a job in the World Trade Center as an equities trader. During the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, Welles didn’t make it out alive. Wearing a red bandana over his face to prevent smoke inhalation, Welles successfully rescued over a dozen employees working in the South Tower. During the last couple minutes of his life, he sacrificed for the sake of others. Welles was a courageous, intelligent, selfless, well-raised young man. In the FLG Program, we award an FLG jersey with a Red 19 to 1-boy and 1-girl who best exemplifies the characteristics of Welles Crowther. At the FLG Legit Showcase, we will award a Red 19 decal to player’s that exemplify what Welles was all about. Will you Wear19?

Learn more about Welles Crowther here!

JS DecalJS Decal

JS stands for Jack Sandler. Jack was the Head Coach for Colby College, a true lacrosse enthusiast, and a great friend to many in the lacrosse community. Jack passed away this past year at just 35 years old. Joe Allen, who started HeadWrapz (the original helmet decal company, supplying decals for the Legit Showcase) said, “Jack loved the game of lacrosse. His true passion was teach and help students develop their full potential.” For those of you that don’t know, FLG stands for ‘For the Love of the Game.’ Our mission aligns with Jack’s. FLG wants to help players reach their full potential while maintaining a passion for this great game. Players at the Legit Showcase that play the game with passion and demonstrate a thirst for developing as a studlete, can earn a JS decal for their helmet.

Learn more about Jack here

Star DecalAll-star Decal

On the second night of the Legit Boys Showcase, we will be having 2 all-star games. The first of the two games will be the top 50 rising juniors and seniors at the event. The second all-star game will host the top 50 rising freshman and sophomores at the event. All-star teams are selected by the college coaches working the event. College coaches will discuss all-star selections together in our Deliberation Room at LIU post. All 50 coaches working the Legit Boys Showcase will be sitting on the sidelines of the All-star game. Both all-star games will be commentated – with player announcements, highlights, half-time recaps, and much more. The best part of the all-star games is we get everyone at the camp involved. FLG supplies Chipotle burritos during the all-star games for all players at the Legit Boys Showcase. If you earn the right to play in an all-star game, you will be awarded a Star Decal for your custom Cascade helmet. Are you one of the best?

See the 2015 Legit All-star teams here

LEGIT DecalLegit Decal
Each team at the Legit Boys Showcase, will be supplied with a sheet of LEGIT Decals. Throughout the event, coaches will award players who make legit lacrosse plays on the field. Below are some ways players have earned LEGIT decals in the past: Earn the most ground ball for your team in a game. Be the loudest communicator on the defensive end of the field. Work just as hard in the riding game as you do when your team has possession. When your coaches instruct you to do something and you execute that teaching point on the next play. If you notice, LEGIT stickers aren’t just for the players who score the most goals or make the most saves. LEGIT plays require players to showcase their intangible assets and demonstrate improvement, leadership, and heart. Are you LEGIT?

To learn more about the 2016 Legit Boys Showcase, click here!


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