Be Different.

Much unrest, disappointment, and angst comes when we constantly compare our own situation to others.

Mikey from my son’s chemistry class is now ranked 5th in his class.

I heard that Joey down the road just committed.

My daughter’s friends team practices 4 times a week.

Their household income is much higher then ours.

Constantly evaluating the similarities between your own situation and that of another can lead us down a shallow path. One that gets caught up in topics or ideas that don’t necessarily relate to the now, create unnecessary rivalries, amplify petiness, or lead us to worry about things out of our control.

Instead of always comparing and thinking we should be like someone or something else, stop for a second and evaluate if your situation may contrast with those around you. Maybe you are simply, different.

Contrasting with someone else’s actions, views, or position in life might just mean you are well on your way to creating a path of your own. Even if you’re in the minority. Just because most people are doing something, doesn’t make it right. Following your own path could very well spark individuality, enthusiasm, or success. Go for it. Contrast. Lead. Be different.


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