St. A’s vs. Set ‘Private vs. Public’ Recap & Analysis

Last night set the stage for a star to emerge and for fans to gaze at a star. Anytime Brennan O’Neill suits up: stands fill, camera’s flash, and videos click record. To no surprise, O’Neill did not disappoint.

Brennan got off to a hot start, netting three in the first quarter alone. Each goal coming in a different way.

  1. Dodge underneath, splits double, dunk.
  2. Dodge high side off a pick, shot over the top off the goalies hip, goal.
  3. Flashing across the field off ball, catches it loaded, time and room, bang.

After a quiet second quarter, O’Neill got one to go in the third. However, when it mattered most, O’Neill rang the bell. Down a goal with less than a minute remaining, Manhasset had full control on their offensive end. After St. Anthony’s extended, applying pressure on ball, they forced Manhasset to make a risky pass to the middle of St. Anthony’s defensive restraining box. As the ball hit the turf, St. A’s goalie, Alex Pazienza (Sacred Heart Commit) picked up a ridiculous ground ball, ran the ball up the field and threw a twister esq bounce pass to a streaking Greg Campisi. The ball trickled by Campisi, bounced off the mesh of Ed Arnold, and into the stick of O’Neill. Brennan released the ball low to low and stuck the game tying goal with :30 remaining on the clock.

The ensuing face-off between Psyllos and Naso was stalemate for our about :20. St. A’s finally picked up the loose ball and called a timeout. Coming out of the timeout it was Sophomore, Andrew Macadorey (Soph) who picked up the rock in the center of the Manhasset Turf Field. Staring into the eyes of Ed Arnold (Penn Commit), Macadory knew exactly what we was going to do. On the whistle, Macadorey ran full speed at the goal, fading initially to his left side, so he could create space to get back towards his right hand. As time expired, Macadory released a bounce shot from about 13 yards away, scoring the game winning goal. St. Anthony’s cleared their bench, fans of Manhasset stood in shock, and we were left witnessing one of the greatest High School lacrosse games of the season.

1st Quarter – The tide in the game shifted back and forth. Brennan O’Neill put on a show early. Perfetto for Manhasset got the boys going on a ridiculous question mark goal. Mulholland stuck a righty G coming from behind GLE.

2nd Quarter – St. Anthony’s won the possession battle, but it was Manhasset’s Alex Racanelli who stood on his head, making two highlight reel saves to end the half, giving Manhasset momentum going into the 3rd. Racanelli definitely an unsung hero in this one, had a great game throughout. 

3rd Quarter – The third quarter was when the Indians really started clicking on the offensive end. Set scored 5 goals in the third, holding the Friars to just 3. Set scored some big time goals from Psyllos, Lapina, and Glynn. Macadory scored to tie the game at 7 with less than :07 left on the clock.

4th Quarter – In the fourth, Manhasset was in full control. They held onto the lead until the last 30 seconds. Set’s 8th and 9th goals came from upperclassmen, Perfetto and Lapina. In the end, fans gazed at star Brennan O’Neill as he scored the game tying goal. While eyes turned to emerging star Andrew Macadorey as time ticked away on Manhasset’s home turf field. What. A. Game.

*Hero Image photo-credit compliments of Myles Tintle


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