Syosset Edges Farmingdale and Advances to Nassau A County Final

The first time these teams went at it, Syosset beat Farmingdale, 13-11. Farmingdale tried to make a comeback late in the game, but they fell a little short. Farmingdale was out for vengeance, and this was a highly anticipated match-up that a lot of people were excited for. Both of these teams were fighting for a chance to make the Nassau County Class A championship game, and being that both of these teams are evenly matched, it would come down to who’s the better team for 48 minutes.

Aj Alexander of Syosset threw the first punch in this game, as he did a great job getting open right in the front of the crease for an easy goal to make it 1-0. Joe Bueti followed Alexander’s lead with a goal of his own, which was a lefty laser from 10 yards away to make it, 2-0. The Dalers crawled back as Sophomore, Dom Ciaccio cut the field in half, and swept to the left side of the field to put the Dalers within one. Syosset would go on a run in the second quarter as Joe Bueti struck again to make 3-1, followed by Ryan Lebson winning the face-off and driving to the cage to make it 4-1.

The Farmingdale Dalers would open up the second half when Luke Woodland would make it 4-2 with 9:18 left in the third quarter. Syosset did a great job on the ride all day long, and they capitalized on this one possession as they would intercept the ball, and Andrew Giovinco would make it 5-2. Syosset would keep on pouring it on as AJ Alexander rolled dodged his defender and found, Daniel Garone right in front of the crease to make it  6-2. Luke Woodland would strike again, as this time, Jack Cavaioli would find Woodland parked in the front of the crease for the Dalers third goal on the day. Brian Hayden followed Woodland’s lead by trimming Syosset’s lead down to 2. Joe Bueti would then score two unanswered goals of his own to make it 8-4. The Dalers tried to make a came back as Jack Cavaioli sweeped down the right side of the field to make it 8-5 with 3:17 left in the fourth, followed by Dom Ciaccio scoring his second goal of the day to make it 8-6 with 1:18 left. It was too late for a Dalers comeback, as the Braves would win this one, 8-6.  

Syosset Takeaways

One of the stars of this game was Jayson Singer. Singer was outstanding in this game and he was all over the field causing turnovers, playing great off ball defense, and he was so solid on ball. Joseph Crawley was a monster on defense as well. Crawley was great in transition and he even had an assist. On the offensive side of the ball, Joe Bueti, AJ Alexander, and, Andrew Giovinco all shined. Bueti was the man on offense today, as the Braves leading point scorer had 3 goals on the day. AJ Alexander was very good also. Alexander showed great vision all game long, and played very well behind the X. Andrew Giovinco showed great vision as well with 3 assists, and he had a heads up play capitalizing off a successful ride. Next up for the Braves are the Massapequa Chiefs. The keys for this game is not letting Petrakis dominate the face-off X, controlling Massapequa’s attack unit, and getting Jack Monfort open. If Syosset can do all three of those things, this could be a competitive game.

Farmingdale Takeaways  

One player that impressed me in this game was Junior goalie, Sean Gilman. Gilman kept the Dalers in the game all night long, and he faced shot after shot, and he was not phased as he finished with 13 saves in the game. The Dalers might have lost, but the future is bright in Farmingdale. This year’s Dalers team were a group of bunch of young Sophomores and Juniors,  who all have bright futures in the game of lacrosse. Jack Cavaioli, Anthony Matalone, Jake Oemcke, Dom Ciaccio, Sean Gilman, and Lorenzo Ramos all improved this season, and they will only get better in 2020. Three Seniors that stepped up last night for the Dalers was Luke Woodland, Rich Hickis, and Brian Hayden. Congrats to those young men on a solid career. The Dalers won’t go away anytime soon, and big things are ahead for Farmingdale lacrosse next spring.


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