Fantastic Top 50 of the Long Island 2021 Class

College coaches are ready to click the send button at 12 am on September 1st. In the second year of the new recruiting rule, this is one of the most exciting times of the year for high school and college lacrosse fans. Here are the top 50 girls for the class of 2021 presented by LILJ:

  1. Emma LoPinto (A, Manhasset)
  2. Emily Lamparter (GK, Mt. Sinai, Maryland)
  3. Maddigan Miller (M, Bayport)
  4. Summer Agostino (M, Ward Melville)
  5. Maureen Duffy (M, Westhampton)
  6. Erin Schaefer (M, Sayville)
  7. Brooke Hoss (A, Sayville, Penn State)
  8. Alexis Niblock (D, Bayport)
  9. Alayna Costa (M, Smithtown East, Navy)
  10. Celeste Forte (D, ESM)
  11. Grace Gately (A, Manhasset)
  12. Jackie Amato (D, Westhampton)
  13. Lola Leone (M, Bay Shore)
  14. Abby Wise (A, Plainedge)
  15. Jill Balkunas (M, Wantagh)
  16. Alex Hopkins (M/A, Garden City, Yale)
  17. Jordan Forte (M, Huntington)
  18. Amanda Lee (M, Ward Melville)
  19. Maggie Davidson (M, West Islip)
  20. Katie Vahle (GK, ESM)
  21. Erin O’Grady (GK, St. Anthony’s)
  22. Cassidy Moore (M/A, Hampton Bays)
  23. Morgan Zimmerman (M, Sachem East)
  24. Sydney Pappas (A, Garden City)
  25. Victoria Goldrick (M, St. Anthony’s)
  26. Makenna Boutin (D, Wantagh)
  27. Sabrina Caruso (A, Wantagh)
  28. Ava Fernandes (A, Comsewogue)
  29. Anna Spehr (M, Cold Spring Harbor) 
  30. Casey Colbert (A, North Shore)
  31. Shannon Sullivan (M, Wantagh)
  32. Alyssa Appuzzo (A, West Babylon)
  33. Ellie Downey (A, West Babylon)
  34. Reilly Brady (D, Wantagh)
  35. Leena Moussa (M, Wantagh)
  36. Gabrielle Nicolosi (A, West Islip)
  37. Giana Murphy (A, Westhampton)
  38. Emma Consowski (M, Wantagh)
  39. Grace Perello (A, East Hampton)
  40. Shae Insinga (M, Wantagh)
  41. Jennelle Bennardo (M, Harborfields)
  42. Stephanie Doyle (M, West Islip)
  43. Taylor Gallarello (GK, Westhampton)
  44. Megan Mattfeld (D, Bay Shore)
  45. Emma Unverzagt (D, Pat Med)
  46. Jenika Cuocco (GK, Rocky Point)
  47. Charlotte Maggio (A, Huntington)
  48. Isabelle Palladino (M, Pat Med)
  49. Jamie Chasanoff (A, Locust Valley)
  50. Kelly Logue (A, Rocky Point)

Honorable Mentions

  • Alyssa Dvorznak (A, Wantagh)
  • Beth McDermott (M, Sacred Heart)
  • Brooke Bowers (A, St. John the Baptist)
  • Ellie Taylor (M, Manhasset)
  • Hayley Hermsdorf (A, Center Moriches)
  • Isabel Raimondi (M, Center Moriches)
  • Kiara Feibusch (A, Kings Park) 
  • Nicole Fanelli (M, Syosset)
  • Olivia Benedetto (M, Wantagh)
  • Olivia Cruthers (A, Kellenberg)
  • Samantha Pugh (M, Commack)
  • Shannon Smith (D,Wantagh)

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