2019 NLL Draft Recap

The 2019 National Lacrosse League draft took place on September 17, 2019 and the New York Riptide took  Canadian Tyson with the first overall selection. Long Island had a strong representation in the draft as Stony Brook products Ryland Rees and Derek Lloyd were each taken (2nd and 52nd respectively). Three Long Island natives saw their dreams become realities as three homegrown kids have reached the NLL. In the second round Connor Farrell was selected by the New York Riptide, a local team playing at the Nassau Coliseum. Adding to the local flavor of the team the Riptide also took FLG alumni Matt Borges in the fifth round. Rounding out the Long Island players East Setauket’s own Dan Bucaro was drafted in the sixth round by the Colorado Mammoth. Long Island’s presence in the lacrosse community has never been stronger, for a look at the entire 2019 NLL draft have a look below.




1) New York – Tyson Gibson, Robert Morris University, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

2) Rochester – Ryland Rees, Stony Brook University, Transition (British Columbia)

3) New England (from Philadelphia) – Andrew Kew, University of Tampa, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

4) Saskatchewan (from Vancouver) – Holden Garlent, Canisius College, Transition (Ontario, Canada)

5)Halifax – Clarke Petterson, Cornell University, Forward (Ontario, Canada) 

6) Colorado – Warren Jeffrey, University of Vermont, Defenseman (Ontario, Canada)

7) Calgary (from New England) – Liam LeClair, Six Nations Jr. A, Defenseman (Ontario, Canada)

8)Calgary (from San Diego) – Haiden Dickson, Coquitlam Adanacs, Forward (Canada)

9) Saskatchewan – Justin Robinson, Robert Morris University, Transition (Ontario, Canada)

10) New York (from Toronto via Saskatchewan) – Tyson Bomberry, Syracuse University, Defense (Ontario, Canada)

11) Georgia – Kason Tarbell, Cornell University, Defense (Akwesasne, NY)

12) Buffalo – Brent Noseworthy, University of Michigan, Defense (Ontario, Canada)

13) Georgia (from Calgary) – Ryan MacSpadyen, Mercy College, Transition (Ontario, Canada)

14) Halifax (compensatory selection – Matt Vinc) – Trevor Smyth, Rochester Institute of Technology, Defense

15) Toronto (compensatory selection – Brodie Merrill) – Aaron Forster, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Transition (Ontario, Canada)

16) Saskatchewan (compensatory selection – Dan Dawson) – Tanner Thomson, Marquette University, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

17)New England (compensatory selection – Aaron Bold) – Zach Goodrich, Towson University (Stevensville, MD)



18)Rochester – Cory Highfield, University of Massachusetts – Lowell (Ontario, Canada)

19) New York – Jake Fox, Johns Hopkins University, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

20) Philadelphia – Alex Pace, Brock University, Forward/Transition (Nova Scotia, Canada)

21) Georgia (from Vancouver) – Philadelphia* – Matt Marinier, Burlington Chiefs Jr. A, Defense (Ontario, Canada)

22) Georgia (from Halifax via New England) – Calgary* – Marshal King, Drexel University, Forward (British Columbia, Canada)

23) Colorado – Will Malcolm, New Westminster Salmonbellies (British Columbia, Canada)

24) New York (from New England) – Connor Farrell, Long Island University  (Sachem, NY)

25) San Diego – Matthew Sykes, Mimico, Defense (Ontario, Canada)

26) Colorado (from Saskatchewan via San Diego) – Brett Craig, Seton Hill University, Defense (Alberta, Canada)

27) Toronto – Zach Manns, Drexel University, Forward (British Columbia, Canada)

28) San Diego (from Georgia) – Devyn Mayea, Burlington Chiefs, Defense (Ontario, Canada)

29) Buffalo – Nathaniel Kozevnikov, Robert Morris University (British Columbia, Canada)

30) Halifax (from Calgary via Buffalo via New England) – Clay Scanlan, Six Nations, Forward (Bradenton, FL)

31) Colorado (compensatory pick) – Jake McNabb, St. Catherine’s Jr. A, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

32) Rochester – Dustyn Pratt, Orangeville Northmen (Ontario, Canada)

33) New York – Gale Thorpe, The Ohio State University, Forward (Elbridge, NY)


*Georgia sends 21st pick to Philadelphia in exchange for 2021 2nd round pick

*Georgia sends 22nd pick to Calgary in exchange for 2021 2nd round pick



34) New York – John Wagner, Marquette University, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

35) Rochester – Thomas Whitty, St. Catherine’s Jr. A, Defense (Ontario, Canada)

36) Philadelphia – Pat Spencer, Loyola University, Forward (Davidsonville, MD)

37) Rochester (from Vancouver) – Matt Van Galen, University of Detroit Mercy (Ontario, Canada)

38) Halifax – Showahnonkon “Nonkon” Thompson, Awkesasne Jr A (Awkesasne, NY)

39) Colorado – Dylan Kinnear, Towson University  (Alberta, Canada)

40) Calgary (from New England) – Nick Scott, Langley Thunder (Ontatio, Canada)

41) San Diego – Kyle Dawson, Nanaimo Jr. A (British Columbia, Canada)

42) Saskatchewan – Cameron Dunkerley, Victoria Jr. A, Goalie (Ontario, Canada)

43) Toronto – Jamison Dilks, Six Nations Jr. A (Ontario, Canada)

44) Georgia – TJ Comizio, Villanova University, Transition/Defense ( Basking Ridge, NJ)

45) Buffalo – Ryder Garnsey, Notre Dame University, Forward ( Wolfeboro, NH)

46) Calgary – Landon Kells, Peterborough Jr. A (Ontario, Canada)0

47) New York – Travis Longboat, Six Nations Arrows, Forward (Ontario, Canada

48) Rochester – Sean Darroch, Lindenwood University, Defense (Ontario, Canada)



49) Rochester – Tyler Biles, Brampton Jr. A (Ontario, Canada)

50) New York – Jack Rowlett, University of North Carolina, Defense (Burke, VA)

51) Philadelphia – Kyle Marr, Johns Hopkins University, Forward (Clifton Park, NY)

52) Vancouver – Derek Lloyd, Stony Brook University (Alberta, Canada)

53) Philadelphia (from Halifax) – Dave Smith, University of Virginia, Transition/Defense (Medford, NJ)

54) Georgia (from Colorado via Buffalo) – New England* – Braiden Davis, University of Vermont (Ontario, Canada)

55) Buffalo (from New England) – Taylor Kauffeldt, Brampton Jr. A (Ontario, Canada)

56) San Diego – Oliver Bolisteri, Six Nations Jr. A ( Ontario, Canada)

57) Saskatchewan – Colin Berglof, Saskatchewan Jr A (Saskatchewan, Canada)

58) Toronto – Troy Holowchuk, Six Nations Jr A (Ontario,Canada) 

59) Georgia – Gunnar Schimoler, University Maryland – Baltimore County (Edgewater, MD)

60) Buffalo – Tyler Halls, Orangeville (Hastings, NY)

61) New England (from Calgary) – Bailey Brown, Toronto Beaches (Ontario, Canada)

62) Rochester – Bradley Voigt, Syracuse University, Forward (Penn Yan, NY)

63) New York – Matthew Borges, The Ohio State University, Defense (Garden City, NY)


*Georgia sends 54th pick to New England in exchange for 2020 4th round pick



64) New York – Daylen Hill, Six Nations (Ontario, Canada)

65) Rochester – Carter Badour, The College of Saint Rose, Forward (Ottawa, Canada)

66) Philadelphia – Jordan Krug, Cabrini University, Forward (Marlton, NJ)

67) Vancouver – Keegan Bell, Langley Thunder (British Columbia, Canada)

68) Halifax – Matt Dziama, The University of Virginia, Transition (Wellesley, MA)

69) Colorado – Dan Bucaro, Georgetown University, Forward (East Setauket, NY)

70) New England – Tristan Rai, Lehigh University, Forward (Alberta, Canada)

71) San Diego – Ryan Jones, Delta Jr. A (Bethesda, MD)

72) Saskatchewan – Luke Keenan, Princeton University, Forward (Ontario, Canada)

73) Toronto – Ryan Conrad, University of Virginia, Transition (Timonium, MD) 

74)Georgia – Jordan Gillis, Hamilton Jr. B  (Ontario, Canada)

75) Georgia (from Buffalo) – Mikey Herring, University of Virginia, Forward (Dedham, MA)

76) Calgary – Cordell Hastings, Calgary Shamrocks Jr. B (Alberta, Canada)



77) Rochester – Alec Simons, Mimico Jr A (Ontario, Canada)

78) New York – Brad McKinney, Syracuse University (Watertown, NY)

79) Philadelphia – Austin Fusco, Syracuse University, Defense (Yorktown Heights, NY)

80) Vancouver – Gord Phillips, Monmouth University

81) Halifax – Brad Fannell, St. Catherine’s Jr. A (British Columbia, Canada)

82) Colorado – Liam Osborne, Belmont Abbey College (Ontario, Canada)

83) New England – Travis Brown, Orangeville (San Diego, CA)

84) San Diego – Russ Oakes, Onondaga Community College (Awkesasne, NY) 

85) Saskatchewan – Jordan Getz, Wheeling University (Alberta, NY)

86) Toronto – Jordan Caskenette, Orangeville Jr A (Ontario, Canada)

87) Georgia – No Pick

88) Buffalo – Joel Watson, Whitby (Ontario, Canada)

89) Calgary – Travis Getz, Wheeling University (Alberta, Canada)


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