Jake Naso; Duke Bound!

This week,  St. Anthony’s FOGO, Jake Naso sent shockwaves through the high school lacrosse world as he flipped his commitment from the University of Virginia to the University of Duke. Naso, who is regarded as the top face-off guy in the country for the class of 2020 sat down with our LILJ staff to talk about his big decision:

Q: What made you switch your commitment from Virginia to Duke?

This was a very tough decision, both Virginia and Duke have great programs, but I believe Duke is the place to be. I felt it would be a great place to go to for vast opportunities to explore different careers.


Q: When did you consider switching?

I considered switching when I concluded my visit and thought about all of the amazing things that Duke has to offer. They have a strong support system in place to help guide you in any direction you want to pursue. There are so many options and I felt that going to Duke would open up the door for all of them.


Q: Why did you switch to Duke?

I switched because I truly can see myself there for four years, it is a top 10 University, it has a long list of notable alumni as well. The alumni network is among the strongest, and most professionally helpful in the country.

Q: What other schools were you considering?

There were no other schools, but this decision took a while knowing how great both schools and lacrosse programs are.


Q: What excites you the most about going to Duke?

Just the overall atmosphere at Duke, from the studies to the team camaraderie it’s a place I can’t wait to get to. Two of my teammates at St. Anthony’s Aidan Danenza and Brennan O’Neill are committed there as well and I’m super excited to get a chance to play with them the next four years after high school.


Q: Give us your thoughts on the upcoming high school season?

Being that this is my senior year and last season at St. Anthony’s, I can’t wait for the season to get underway. We have a team that’s driven and hungry. Everyone is working hard even on the off season. No one is ever satisfied in that locker room and I believe that’s what makes this team so special.


Q: What are you doing this offseason to prepare and get better in your senior season?

There is always room for improvement, so I, along with my team will continue to work hard and sacrifice throughout the rest of the year, preparing each and every day for that first whistle.



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  1. Samuel McCuskey says:

    Trying to find out if Jake Naso is related to my father in law, Robert “Bob” James Naso, former Rutgers LaCrosse coach, Long Island LaCrosse Hall of Fame as player and coach.
    My son, Robert James Naso McCuskey plays for Denver Pioneers.

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