FLG Committed Spotlight: Defender Danielle Malpica Chooses Springfield

Recent Springfield College commit, Danielle Malpica, has found a way to balance school, sports and serving her community. Malpica plays lacrosse, runs cross country, and is giving soccer a go this fall at Long Island Lutheran High School. The senior defender from Glen Head, NY currently works as a peer mentor to children with autism and plans to study occupational therapy at Springfield.  Malpica is an all conference player, high school team captain, and lefty defender on FLG’s 2021 Women’s Roster.

Q: What about Springfield College and its lacrosse program helped you decide it was the right school for you?

A: The major thing that drew me to Springfield was their occupational therapy program. It has everything I was looking for in a five-year program. Moreover, Coach Mullady made me feel really comfortable and was super helpful while I was going through the recruiting process. I liked the way Coach Mullady scheduled everything from practice to the weight room making sure that it was truly academic based and it showed how the program emphasized the “student” part of being a student-athlete. 

Q: When you’re not on the lacrosse field, what else are you likely to spend your time doing?

A: When I’m not on the lacrosse field, I’m probably just hanging out with my friends or working. 

Q: Who’s your biggest role model either in the sport or outside of lacrosse?

A: My boss Christina is my biggest role model. She taught me the importance of doing everything you can and not to waste any of your potential and not to sell yourself short.

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?

A: One thing I can’t live without is pasta or Italian sandwiches.

Q: What is your go-to iPhone app?

A: My go-to iPhone app is probably Snapchat or ball blast. 

Q: You also run cross country, are there any other sports you played growing up other than lacrosse? How did they help improve your skills and lacrosse game?

A: I didn’t do many other sports when I was younger, I tried softball but it didn’t really fit me. Cross country definitely helped my stamina for lacrosse and this year I’m doing soccer hoping to have better foot speed. 

Q: Have you always played defense? What about this position has made you stick to it?

A: I’ve always played defense. I’ve just always felt the most comfortable and confident in that position. Occasionally, my coach will throw me in as a middie but I always find myself fitting better back on defense. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most about the next upcoming season?

A: For this upcoming season, I’m just really excited to get back on the field with my teammates. My team is pretty small but we are all good friends and always make the best of whatever situation we are in. 

Q: Are there any particular coaches or teammates that have taught you valuable lessons about the sport of lacrosse or life that you frequently keep in mind?

A: My freshman and sophomore high school coach, Coach Fox, taught me a lot about lacrosse. Over time he showed me that lacrosse can be more than just a sport; it can be a way for me to take whatever might be bothering me and leave it all on the field. 

Q: How has your time playing for FLG helped you improve your game or helped you get to play on a collegiate level?

A: FLG helped me so much from my freshman year to now. They helped improve my skills and my confidence on the field. Additionally, FLG helped me so much during the quarantine by giving me tips on how to get in touch with coaches. Honestly, I don’t think I would be committed today without the help of FLG.


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