FLG Alumni Feature: Erin Tucker’s Success at Brown

FLG Alumni, Erin Tucker from Centerport, has made waves at Brown University. Since leaving FLG and Harborfields, the Junior goalie started in all 15 games of her rookie campaign. She also started in all seven games of last year’s shortened spring season. Erin was a five-year varsity player at Harborfields high school and also played soccer and basketball. Let’s see what Erin has been up to in her third year at Brown.

Q: How did you get into the sport of lacrosse and how long have you been playing for?

A: I have been playing lacrosse since I was 8 years old. I originally loved the sport because all of my friends also played. Also, I loved to play with my sisters and eventually my brothers in the backyard. Lacrosse was something that allowed me to become even closer with all of my siblings. 

Q: What about Brown and its lacrosse program helped you decide it was the right school for you?

A: Brown is one of the best universities in the country. It offered the best education while still allowing for a competitive lacrosse atmosphere. The culture of Brown lacrosse is also extremely unique. I knew from the second that I stepped on campus that I was part of a family, not just a team.

Q: What is your favorite part about playing lacrosse at Brown?

A: My favorite part about lacrosse at Brown is how close I am with my teammates on and off the field. I know that my teammates will have my back in any situation and will be the first people to help me when something goes wrong. I feel like I found another family in the Brown lacrosse program, with all of the teammates that I have ever played with.

Q: When you’re not on the lacrosse field, what are you likely to spend your time doing?

A: Obviously, I spend a lot of time studying, usually when I’m not on the field, I’m in one of the beautiful libraries on campus. Other than that I love to explore Providence, there are some great state parks in the area where I love to go hiking and exploring on the weekends. I also love to walk down by the river to see a city celebration called Waterfire. This is during the summer and fall where they light up pillars along the riverwalk, which is one of the most beautiful sights in my opinion. 

Q: In what ways did playing basketball and soccer help your lacrosse game?

A: Playing basketball always helped me with my quickness, especially in lateral movement that I use in the cage. Both soccer and basketball though helped me with seeing the playing field in front of me. In soccer I was the sweeper, which means I was the player before the goalie, so I could see the whole field and how plays were going to develop. By teaching me to see the entire field, I have always been better able to find the open player in the clear, as well as help direct my defenders when I see a possible play developing on the field.

Q: Have you always played goalie? What about this position has made you stick to it?

A: When I first started playing I was a defender, but switched to goalie in 6th grade. The original reason I changed my position was because I made a deal with my club lacrosse coach. If I played half a game in goal, I would be able to play the other half on attack. But I never came out of the cage again. From the first moment I stepped into the crease I felt like I could directly contribute to my team’s success. I’ve always been a player that puts the team’s success before my own. I felt that playing goalie was the best way for me to accomplish that.

Q: How has your time playing for FLG helped you improve your game or helped you get to play on a collegiate level?

A: Playing for FLG gave me the confidence that I needed in order to play at the collegiate level. When I first started playing for FLG I didn’t know a lot about being a goalie. But the staff was there to answer questions and give tips on how to be the best player I could be. Also, playing for FLG really allowed me to hone my leadership skills as well. I was encouraged to be a leader to my teammates and was taught valuable skills from all members of the FLG staff.

Q: Are there any particular coaches/teammates that have taught you valuable lessons about the sport of lacrosse/life that you frequently keep in mind?

 A: Coach Christensen was my first ever goalie coach. She taught me a lot of what makes me the player that I am today. I’ll forever be grateful to her because she eased the fears I had about the position when I first began. Another coach that taught me some very valuable lessons was my high school basketball coach, Coach Lavey. He pushed me to my limits, then showed me how much more I had left inside of me. I believe he’s been one of the coaches that has best prepared me for my college coaches’ expectations. 

Q: Lastly, what is your best/favorite sports memory?

A: One of my favorite memories is our game against Princeton my freshman year of college. We went down by a lot very early in the game, but my teammates never lost their cool. Slowly but surely we made our way back into the game, pulled ahead, and won the game by one goal. This is one of my favorite memories not only because we won, but because it was truly a team win. There was not one person on that field, wearing a Brown uniform that did not contribute to that win. The feeling that someone will have your back no matter what happens, was something that I will never forget. Every single player and coach poured everything they had into that win. It was something we could all be truly proud of.


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