FLG Interview Recap: Conor Caizza and Drew Turner

The praise for Ithaca College was very high from juniors Drew Turner and Conor Caizza. Both raved about their experiences at Ithaca, and the common denominator in both of their experiences was head coach, Jeff Long. 

 “I have met a bunch of really good guys on this team. I really think Coach Long kind of changed me in a way I really never thought was going to be able to reach,” says the junior out of Port Washington. Caizza continues the message expressed by Turner and praises his coach as well saying, “Coach Long has kind of made me grow not only on the field but off the field.”

Caizza, a Melville native, is studying finance with a track of asset management. Turner is an accountant major undergoing a 5-year program for a CPA. 



0:00- Introduction 

1:35- Ithaca Lacrosse

4:23- Their majors

7:44- Their experiences at Ithaca  

11:39-Coach Jeff Long 

15:43- Conclusion


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