Scoring Academy Session II RECAP

FLG Scoring Academy Participants,

Last night was another great session at our Scoring Academy in Northsport. We started the session with a quick recap of proper fundamentals for shooting on the run. We emphasized the big four: arms out and up, head of your stick above your head, establish pivot foot and kick the can foot, as well as knowing when to release the ball. We then had everyone establish some real estate next to the padded walls surrounding the facility. We started our warm-up on our knees so players eliminating any lower body movement. Instead, players simulated a shot using only their upper body. This is a great way for players to warm-up there back muscles and work towards perfecting the fundamentals for how to shoot on the run. We then had players do the same thing on 1 knee. Finally, our players were simulating a shot on the run on both feet. The warm-up went really well as players started to get more comfortable shooting with both hands. Perfecting the fundamentals makes shooting on an actual cage more fluid and effortless. Check out the video from our warm-up on our instagram page here.

The second half of our night consisted of different shot types. These shot types included:

  • Shooting coming upfield (away from the goal)
  • Shooting downhill (towards the goal)
  • Getting into your defender, stepping off, and re-attacking downhill
  • Getting underneath your defender from the low wing for a shot in front of the goal
  • Dodging downhill, rolling back to the middle, switching hands, and getting off a quick shot on goal
  • Hitch and goes. Catching coming up field, throwing a little pump fake or hitch, and re-attacking upfield

While we worked on several different types of shots last night, they all had one thing in common: Each shot finished “on the run.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see our player’s last night apply what they learned early in the session into the latter part of the session. There were 2 players in particular that stood out last night and were awarded String King Practice Player of the Day. Their names are listed below:

Girls: Kerrin Heuser, 2019, Hicksville High School, Stony Brook University Commit

“Kerrin is someone for the girls at Scoring Academy to look up to. Kerrin leads by example. She is proof that hard work and paying attention to the details will provide opportunities to play at the highest of levels.” -Coach Bob Schmitt

Boys: Jude Anton, 2021, Northport High School

“Jude is a detail guy. He focuses on how to do things right. Jude is becoming one of the most consistent shooters at the Scoring Academy.” -Coach Corey Winkoff

See everyone next week!


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