Madison Waters’ Last Run with Her Lady Phantoms

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Madison Waters  entering her senior year at Bayport-Blue Point with revenge on her mind. Waters has had a fantastic career at Bayport, but last season’s one goal loss to Cold Spring Harbor has left the whole team hungry for more. There is no shame in losing to the eventual State Class C champions, but if you ask Madison she’d tell you BBP should be the one with the trophy. Now as a senior Madison looks to build from her 32 goal 11 assist output a season ago. Waters enters this year more focused than ever, nothing will get in her way. Before she heads to USC next year, she answered a couple questions for us.

Q: How has the start to senior year been?

The start of senior year so far has been awesome! Our soccer team is doing well, and it’s nice keeping busy with school work and enjoying my last year in BBP.

Q: Why USC?

I love every aspect of USC and I am beyond excited to start my new chapter there. I love the campus, the coaches, and my future teammates who I already consider some of my best friends. It is an amazing academic school, and you can’t beat the weather!

Q: How are you getting ready for the upcoming lacrosse season?

I am preparing for the upcoming lacrosse season by staying in shape with speed and agility training, along with weight lifting. It is important to keep my stick in my hand on the off season, and continue practicing my shooting and placement in order to have a great 2020 season!

Q: What are your expectations for the team this year?

My expectations for the team this year are higher than ever! We have the majority of our team returning and we are hoping to make it even further than we did last year. Our team chemistry is impeccable and I expect a successful season ahead.

Q: Where do you want to improve?

Personally, I would love to improve every part of my game. Physically and mentally as a good person, leader, and teammate. I hope to carry these aspects into my collegiate career. As a team, there are always aspects we can work on, but we always take it one step at a time.

Q: What do you want as your legacy when you leave Bayport?

Being a BBP phantom is something I am very proud of. When leaving Bayport, I hope to leave a legacy of being a top student, a good person, and an integral part of a phenomenal lacrosse team.


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