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FLG ’18 Boys Premier Showcase – Top 10 Premier Players

The FLG Boys Premier Showcase was loaded with the tri-state areas most competitive uncommitted High School lacrosse players. The day included a college coach training session, 3 competitive games, and an all-star game for the top 40 2022/21 & top 40 2020/19 athletes. There were over 85 college coaches in attendance and 55 college coaches

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Fall Ball Road Trip

In May, the Mercyhurst Women’s Lacrosse Team won their first PSAC Championship and were selected to participate in the NCAA Division II Playoffs.  As the parent of a Freshman on the team, this sounded great, right?  The host school was Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.  How could I go?  At first I was not

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3 Sport Coaches

It’s rare to hear of a three sport athlete these days. Specialization in youth sports has forced athletes to make decisions which sport to focus on earlier and earlier. Some players are choosing to focus on one specific sport before they get into Middle School, playing that sport year-round. The impact of specialization in sports stretches

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Delany Comerford = Studlete

This past weekend was the second year of the FLG Premier Showcase Series. Over the weekend, nearly 1,000 uncommitted High School aged studletes came to Long Island to compete in front of hundreds of College Coaches. Yesterday, 1 studlete in particular impressed, inspired, and implied. Delany Comerford was a 2018 defender from Garden City, NY.

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Carolina Back to the Final Four

Why North Carolina is playing in the 2016 Men’s NCAA Division I Final Four: They play with emotion They bring the body They scrap and make hustle plays Nobody’s a hero The whole is greater than the sum of their parts They play loose They play fast They want it Congrats to Coach Breschi and

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Stick, Gloves, Give-aways

You want? Follow us on insta, like, and enter a chance to win!

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But, are you coaching?

You got the Nike Pleated Coaching Pants or for the ladies you got the short Nike Dri-fit shorts. You got the stylish Ray Bans pulled up over the top of your hair. You got the tucked in polo shirt or the racerback with your club program represented on the left chest. You’re standing on the

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First Career G

Because who doesn’t want to see someone score their first collegiate goal. #Enjoy

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10 Reasons Why We’re Organized

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi The FLG Lacrosse, Inc. staff is comprised of five (5) full-time members and over 30+ coaches. The relationship with our players, parents and business partners is a key component that

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All of us > Any of us

How do you celebrate a goal, a game, an accomplishment? Do you run away or towards your teammates? If you run away, make sure not to forget, “All of us will always be greater than any of us.”

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