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BYG Episode 1, Girls Recruiting Hangout

Beyond The Game is officially going LIVE on Tuesday, January 8th at 7:30PM. Our first official episode will bring in three of America’s top Head Coaches from the Women’s College game to discuss recruiting. This episode is open to anyone! (Access the show by visiting our facebook page here.) Be sure to learn all about our special guests

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The Why?

  Coach: It’s important to move the ball up the field. Player: Why move upfield? Coach: It brings the ball and your team closer to your opponent’s goal. Player: Why get closer to your opponent’s goal? Coach: Getting closer to your opponent’s goal gives your team a better chance to score.   I encourage players

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Be Different.

Much unrest, disappointment, and angst comes when we constantly compare our own situation to others. Mikey from my son’s chemistry class is now ranked 5th in his class. I heard that Joey down the road just committed. My daughter’s friends team practices 4 times a week. Their household income is much higher then ours. Constantly evaluating the similarities

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FLG Welcomes 6 Awesome People to Staff!

FLG Lacrosse, a Long Island based lacrosse teams, training and events company, welcomes 6 awesome people to the staff! This article takes you through each person’s bio, words from the Program Director, and the roles and responsibilities that will be taken on by our new hires. Eric Dunne – Boys Director Bob Schmitt – Girls

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The Hardest Part About Running a Lacrosse Club

Running a lacrosse club isn’t easy. One of the most difficult parts about the job is treating each team in your club as if they are your one and only. If you get new jerseys for one team, you have to get new jersey’s for every team. If you provide great coaching for one team,

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Deliberate Practice

It’s not about how much you practice, as much it is how you practice. Angela Duckworth explains the importance of what’s called deliberate practice. A form of deep practice that is quality, efficient, and mindful. Let’s say you’re on a great team, you have a quality coach, and you play for a quality program. What’s

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Fit to Lead

Question: Do you need to be fit to lead? Short answer: Yes. In every sense of the word, leaders need to be fit. Physically fit to handle the long days, late night calls, and active assignments. Physically fit so they can communicate effectively, stay sharp mentally, and perform at a high level consistently. Emotionally fit

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Two-Ball Breakout Drill

A staple in the FLG Organization is Two-Ball Breakout Drill. This is a great drill that gets everyone involved, resembles our clear, and gets FLG players in the habit of playing FAST! Hope you enjoy!

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The Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. The labor movement occurred during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. While industrialization brought about an increased volume and variety of manufactured goods, it also resulted in difficult employment and living conditions for the poor and working class. From 12 hour &

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